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The 10 Best Patio Dining Elements
A Summer Outdoor Makeover

What comes to your mind when you see people outdoor eating? Especially when you see candelabra, elegant chinaware, crystal glasses, and silver cutlery, there is nothing that can prevent you from thinking elegance, right?

If you’re not a huge fan of formal dining then an outdoor patio dining setup is perfect for you. As soon as spring and summer come up, you should seriously think about bringing your family outdoors to enjoy a little breeze and a view of the stars as you laugh and dine.

Take the time to research the best outside dining restaurants and you would be surprised that more customers prefer to reserve outdoor tables. Some even wait as long as half an hour just to get an al fresco dining table.

Taking advantage of skyline views, sunset, waterfront sceneries, and people talking means you’re ready to drink in a little energy even while you’re relaxing and dining with your loved ones or a special someone.

Al Fresco Dining Factors

There are inevitable factors to consider when you want to dine outdoors. First off, the weather. Imagine enjoying your well-done steak only to be soaked in torrential rains later. There’s nothing cool about that (al fresco is the borrowed Italian term for in the cool air).

Another thing that you should look into is the things that your companions want. There are people who may not feel comfortable doing outside dining. Though there may be amazing views, the noise level might get to them or the wait time could bother them. Still, there are those who want to have a TV screen in front of them while they’re dining. Consider these things when you finally search for outdoor furniture stores Sacramento area shops.

Stylish Yet Functional Outdoor Patio Dining

Just as you would decorate the interiors of your home, you should also consider what theme to use outdoors. Set up a Mediterranean courtyard by having a stucco fireplace as the focal point. Have the dining table in front of this lovely fireplace – be sure to put it dead center – then create classic symmetry by having the chairs arranged around the fresco dining table.

You can also go for the Victorian look by adding some historic details such as some gray arbor frames. Put these by the fireplace to create an interesting focal point. After dining, you could even invite your guests to tour the rest of your garden.

An Asian-inspired pergola can also be designed for this special dining area. Create a balanced look with mismatched chairs painted white. Find cushions that can be used to unify the look. If you want, you can even mix old and new stuff to achieve an eclectic design.

If colors make you gaga, then you can also set up a colorful yet simple al fresh dining space. Dress up a round dining table with patterned tablecloth. Use a good number of equally colorful throw pillows and a fundamental centerpiece.

You can also go neutral by adding a simple dining set and decorating with potted plants. Create this setup on your porch. If not, you can also have a white dining table paired with crystal candlesticks, white walls, and white furnishings.

When you’re feeling all romantic, then the best patio dining setup is a candlelit dinner. Just add a basket weave canopy over the dining area, create subtle lighting, and use mismatched, wooden furniture pieces. This rustic look should create an elegant vibe

Don’t Overthink Outdoor Eating

Just set up the regular dining table and chairs in your backyard or the patio. You see, there really isn’t one layout that would work for all types of homes. The more that you make the setup look like the regular deal and make dining outdoors seem like a routine, then you won’t appear trying too hard.

Best Patio Dining Light

Lighting makes all the difference especially when you would like to dine al fresco during the evening. Install café lights and keep them there for the entire summer season. Also, bring out all those scented candles and votives for obvious mood lighting.

Just make sure that the area is fire safe so that you can dine with peace of mind.

<img src&quot;diningset.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;Uttermost Mango Tall Table.&quot;>

Just a Few Stuff for Outside Dining

It doesn’t take much to enjoy outdoor dining. Sometimes, you don’t even have to set up a dining ensemble just to host an outdoors dining party. Bring out a thick blanket instead and some utensils plus a bottle of wine. As your guests arrive – the closest friends won’t mind being silly with you anyways – spread the blanket then bring out the bottle of wine, paper cups, and slices of cheese.

Such impromptu settings just happen. So, once again, don’t overthink it.

Tablecloth: Your New Best Friend

Choose some tablecloths that excite your senses. Even during the summer, weather outdoors can still be harsh. Since this is so, do a quick wipe down before you throw that lovely tablecloth on the dining table. You can also use a butcher paper as a table cover. This can make a huge difference in increasing the level of comfort in your outdoor patio dining area. 

A Small Al Fresco Dining Table Should Do It

Now that we’ve established how wonderful dining al fresco can be, you simply have to consider what sort of dining table you can actually take outdoors.

Remember that the dining table – not just the environment – can set the mood for the best outdoors get-together. Pick a casual, small dining table so that the ambiance remains warm and homey. Outside dining doesn’t have to automatically mean that the environment becomes non-private. The closeness that you establish because of the more intimate setting will make your hosting something to talk about for a long time.

The key to this entire dining outdoors setting is to find the right pieces of furniture that will be able to accommodate your family, even some friends.

<img src=&quot;diningtable.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;Fine Furniture Design Santana Dining Table&quot;>

Proper Outside Dining Seating

The next thing that you need to consider is the right kind of seats for your outdoor eating set up. If you want to enjoy the party while sprawled on the grassy ground, then all you need are some throw rugs. Throw in some pillows to make the setting comfier.

If you want the more traditional route, then set up a long table on the patio and bring out matching or mismatched chairs – it really doesn’t matter. What truly matters is that you show a bit of your personality as you create the perfect al fresco dining experience.

Check the Best Patio Dining Location

Your outdoors setting needn’t be sprawling. Just like the table, all you need is something simple yet chic. If you have a nice span of grass, then make good use of it.

'Time to Shop 

Now that the clouds have cleared, it’s time to go out and enjoy the views. You don’t just do this with hiking excursions or camping trips. Now, even when you’re home, you can set up an outside dining area and you're ready to enjoy the views while eating. 

There is really something special about dining outdoors. You get to take advantage of the warm, sunny weather while also enjoying the beautiful landscape, or you simply entertain people during the more pleasant seasons. And since it’s summer, oh you just gotta take advantage of the warm weather to dine al fresco.

So, are you ready to visit outdoor furniture stores Sacramento area shops? We've been open for a few weeks now and our designers are excited to help you set up the best patio dining. And with an upcoming 4th of July sale, you're in for lots of treats. 


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