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The 7 Most Practical 4th of July Gift Suggestions

It's summer again and the celebration for the 4th of July is just around the corner. This is a celebratory time with lots of barbecue parties, fireworks, trips to the parks and beach, and even reunions.

But what does the 4th of July truly mean? After all, it isn't just about receiving 4th of July gifts right? 

The 4th of July is now an informal term used in reference to the American independence day. It is a commemoration of the Declaration of Independence that formally severed the ties between the US and England in 1776. While the document is believed to have been drafted two days ahead, most historians agree that it was not approved until July 4th by the Congress. This is the reason why the 4th of July is the more recognized date for independence day.

For a more thorough historical background of the celebration of independence day, you may read this article from

Yesterday we learned about the 8 Exciting 4th of July Activities that can help make the day more memorable for your family.

Learn about independence day crafts that you can make with your loved ones and other activities that you can do apart from the usual fourth of July party.

Now it's time to learn what fourth of July gifts to give on that day. You might ask yourself do these need to have a patriotic vibe? Here are some of the coolest options for your independence day gift-giving --


4th of July Gift #1. Bake an Independence Day Cake

Sometimes the best gifts are those that are crafted by your own hands.

There are many interesting cake recipes online that will make your 4th of July party more colorful and exciting.

This Betty Crocker recipe for a red white and blue 4th of July poke cake is a simple cake mix that became an instant hit on many summer gatherings. It is fruity, soft, and gelatinous all at the same time.

Show off the stripes of this cake by cutting it in serving size pieces. If your feeling even more patriotic, then add a tiny American flag that is available in many arts and crafts shops. 

<img src=pinkjournal.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;a pink journal laid on top of a wooden table&quot;>

4th of July Gift #2.  Journal or a Personal Diary

Will Self once said, " Always carry a notebook. And I mean always. The short term memory only retains information for three minutes; unless it is committed to paper, you can lose an idea forever."

Many have planned to write a journal, some have become interested in starting it, but it's the part on how to keep a journal that keeps them from acting upon this goal.

There are many benefits of keeping a diary or journal-

Goal Planning Begins with a Journal

This may be a simple process but the returns are great. Writing out all of your goals gives you the opportunity to see them clearly and create plans on how you can achieve them.

Keeping a Journal Helps in the Perception of Progress

The successful things that you do may be quickly forgotten if you do not write them down. And just like any person, it is these winning moments it will help you be reminded of the successes that you have accomplished and plan for more successes in the future. 

<img src=&quot;lincolnstatue.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;The Abraham Lincoln statue&quot;>

Writing Increases Cognitive Skills  

As anyone sits down and faces a blank sheet on a notebook, one is encouraged to write what needs to be accomplished during the day. In this scenario, the brain is forced to think at a deeper level. This is the moment when the brain answer questions such as how or why. Writing is also therapeutic.

Abraham Lincoln kept a journal and so did many other noteworthy historical figures who ever accomplished something.

Lincoln's written accounts inspired many people to follow these winning attributes -- and no one would have known those had he not written a journal. 

<img src=&quot;coffeemug.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;American flag coffee mug&quot;>

4th of July Gift #3. Coffee Mugs

With the world that is slowly embracing a greener lifestyle, giving a 4th of July gift such as a coffee mug emphasizes green living.

Of course, you already know the many benefits of using a coffee mug versus using paper cups. Imagine throwing them each time you get your cup of morning jolt -- the junk pile does tend to grow, doesn't it? 

Here are some of the benefits of giving a 4th of July coffee mug --


If you have signed up to step up your recycling activities, then it is time to convert your paper cup consumption to reusing a coffee mug each day. Well, a lot of people assume that paper cups are recycled, unfortunately, this is not always the case. Many paper cups come with wax or plastic lining, hence, they do not dissolve easily. This one ingredient cannot be composted or recycled. 

Better Heat Retention

Reusable coffee mug, especially the insulated travel variety, can keep your coffee hot for many hours.

There are now different reusable mug choices these days that are also spill-free. So the recipient will just fill up an independence day coffee mug with his favorite blend and would not even worry about staining his white shirt.


Imagine the amount of money that you can save since you're no longer using paper cups. It is time to convert. Give a coffee mug with an American flag design or find the logo or animation character that best represents the receiver of your gift. 

<img src=&quot;flowerinvase.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;Uttermost Cecily Hydrangea Bouquet&quot;>
4th of July Gift #4.  The Plant Gift

Make your 4th of July gift even more memorable as you give a gift that will help boost mood and creativity.  An indoor plant can also help reduce stress, colds, sore throats, and fatigue.

Giving a plant as a gift will also lead the recipient to be in touch with nature as it does increase his or her self-esteem and level of relaxation. 

<img src=&quot;wallclock.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;Uttermost Louis Leniel Wall Clock made of wood and is antique-looking.&quot;>
4th of July Gift #5. An Antique Looking Wall Clock


What better way is there to commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Independence than to give an antique-looking gift?

The Uttermost Lewis Leniel Wall Clock starts at $130. It will enhance the home of anyone who receives this as a gift as it offers a perfect fusion of function and form.  The features include a weathered laminated clock face finish applied by no less than master artisans. 

Besides keeping time, wall clocks have come back into fashion in the past years. They provide the perfect touch to any bare wall and so they are an awesome substitute for a mirror, painting, or any framed photo.

Don't think that you do not need them because they always come handy plus they are great decorative pieces.

A kitchen is also a good place two put a wall clock as it helps you keep track of the time when baking or cooking.

Any bare wall in the living room we'll also leap to life the moment you hang a beautiful wall clock there. 

And if you have set up a home office then the wall clock will also help keep track of time so you become better organized. Plus it's stylish so you will be more motivated and inspired to continue working.

<img src=&quot;windowtreatments.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;window treatments in a bedroom&quot;>

4th of July Gift #6. New Window Treatments

Another exciting way to give independence day gifts is to surprise a loved one with a new set of window treatments.

Here's an article on how you can update your window treatments for 2020. The recipient of this special gift package will surely love the Hunter Douglas window treatments that will update your window fashion.

Window treatments are great insulators plus they help keep private matters indoors. If you want to have control over the amount of natural lighting that comes into the room, then window treatments have a huge role in making that happen.

You can go for filtering sheer curtains or have blackout shades completely installed. For maximum control, you may opt for Hunter Douglas woven woods or Hunter Douglas blinds and shades.

You can also protect your home from harmful UV rays as these can easily damage artwork, the floors, and furniture. Homes with window treatments will also be energy efficient so having the right window treatments during summer can keep the heat from entering while a home is kept warm during winter as the heat is retained indoors.

4th of July Gift #7. Redesign the Outdoors


Backyard remodeling or makeover costs anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000 USD. Add a pool or patio and you reach the $100,000 ceiling. But you do not have to break the bank in order to redesign your front or back yard.

The first thing that will make the outdoor zones look different is to declutter them. Before you even volunteer to set up furniture and accessories out there, it would be great to clean the areas up. This is important so that you won't have anything on the way while the makeover is ongoing. You will also be better able to assess the makeover plan when there are no dead branches, bushes, or trees to be trimmed.

There are many ideas for a backyard makeover as a 4th of July gift for a loved one. 

Set up an outdoor dining area. Learn about the 10 Best Patio Dining Elements that you need to consider for this project.

A lot of people who give this as one of their 4th of July gifts set up simple tiles. These may be simple but to the receive, it's a huge deal.

Of course, you can also set up an outdoor reading nook where your recipient can spend countless hours reading her favorite novels.

Young ones love playing outdoors so creating the outdoor reading nook is also a wonderful 4th of July gift for them. This is a good way to encourage them to settle down and read a good storybook.

A little playhouse or a wooden treehouse will surely be a cozy space for your little ones to enjoy a good book also. Set up cozy chairs and pillows and they're all set. 

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