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Top 10 All-Around Tips To Get Your House Fall-Ready
Yet Another Super Hot McCreery's Home Furnishings Fall 2020 Guide

When you see an oversized checkered coat and knit sweater as fashion staples - this can only mean one thing - fall is here. So when Kate Middleton was seen wearing the "fall-ready" clothes on a recent university visit, the Duchess of Cambridge trail-blazed what everyone should be doing in this time of the season - preparing, not just our clothes, but also ourselves and even our homes for the present season and its volatile climate. 

Read through our tried and tested techniques on how to best setup your place so that you create the perfect fall Sacramento interior design

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Sacramento Interior Design and Being Fall-Ready This 2020

This transition in weather and temperature brings new challenges to many Sacramento homes. These include food storage and variety, lighting style, and the overall update of the look of your home. But this does not need to be a dead-end moment. We have put together some useful tips that you can consider: 

01.  Fill Your Home With Holiday Aromas

Gather as many pie recipes as you can - we can't stop thinking of pumpkin pie (the star pie of Thanksgiving dinners), Christmas pie, apple pie, pecan pie, chocolate pie, sweet potato pie, this list could go on and on. 

02.  Go Beyond Pies (Yup, More Aromas to Fill Your Kitchen During the Holidays) 


Test your food preparation prowess. Apart from baking, you can also cook some good food to serve during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Master the art of serving the perfect Thanksgiving turkey (with a twist!) as chef Gordon Ramsay teaches in this video: 


03.  Don't Forget the Outdoors 

<img src=&quot;patio.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;covered patio with light-colored, wood and metal upholstered seats, and a table.&quot;>

Yup, summer is over and the temperature has gotten colder. This does not mean that you have to stay indoors the entire season till winter, though. It also does not mean that you have to keep the patio or the porch untouched during the holidays.

If you actually think of it, fall is the best time to enjoy the outdoors. Go out and appreciate the season’s beauty. This means you must use only the best patio furniture that you could find. Be sure to keep the space’s welcoming vibe. But what kind of fine furniture should you invest in?

There are many factors that can help you decide. First, find out how durable the materials used are. Find the ones that can easily withstand the weather elements. Wicker is one such material that can still look cozy while being functional. Wrought-iron is also a durable material; it is especially hard to topple during storms or windy days. Aluminum can also easily survive the outdoors as it can resist corrosion.

Function is another factor to consider when buying outdoor furniture. This is especially true when you are buying for a smaller space. An outdoor space used for romantic dinners can have a set of wrought-iron furniture in the bistro-style. If you have more guests to accommodate then you can add stackable chairs and a long wooden table.

You don’t need to compromise the fine furniture design for function. There are now a lot of furniture sets that offer both. If you want to be true to the vibe of this season, then it’s time to embrace a rustic or country appearance.

04.  Exciting Lighting Fixtures

<img src=&quot;candelabra.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;metal and glass candelabra.&quot;>

This is the season to start installing more lights and to make your habitat more magical. 

How about candelabra?

Have you ever wondered why most homes that hang chandeliers and decorate with candelabra are viewed as sophisticated?  You may not have a family member who knows how to craft candelabra with his bare hands but there are a lot of skilled artisans who now put their works in the market.

Candelabras are candle holders that can support two or more of these lighting pieces. Most of these are now decorative in nature, with the artist carefully placing an awesome display. A single candle holder is known as a candelabrum.

The word candelabra comes from the Latin word for candlestick. People have been using candles for many, many years for lighting purposes. Even in ancient times, people have paired these candles with candelabra.

If you want to stray from the traditional ways of lighting your home during the holidays, then go for something more modern such as sound-lights (these are mood and music mode light strips that are hot in the market these days). These can be placed pretty much anywhere - behind the TV (to give you that nice theatrical glow), under the kitchen cabinets, even on the headboard of your bed. 

It is estimated by a 2013 poll by TellWut that about 28-percent of Americans wait until December before they put up their Christmas lights. About the same number believes otherwise; to the second group, it is okay to hang the lights earlier than December. About a third of the poll chose to not hang any lights at all.

Holiday light installation can be a tradition that your family can look forward to every year. The sad news is that a lot of homeowners get hurt because they don’t do the installation properly. Remember that there are safety precautions if you want to hang holiday lighting without getting hurt.

05.  Show Some Love to Your Fireplace 

<img src=&quot; a pair of upholstered chairs.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;a pair of neutral-colored, upholstered chairs in a living room.&quot;>

The fireplace is the cornerstone of family hangouts during the chilly months. There was never a fall or winter month when most families aren't around the fireplace, especially if they're seated on a comfy sofa such as the Jonathan Louis Quincy Sofa which is a soft and sophisticated Sacramento interior design element. 

You can also schedule chimney cleaning to avoid chimney fires. Give them the love they deserve because they are probably going to work round the clock this season. 

06.  Design the Bedroom 

The bedroom is a special place during this season because it is the perfect time to relax, cuddle, and spend some time with your loved ones. Now is the perfect time to take out those down comforters, thick cotton sheets, knits, and pile them on the Caracole Night Cap King Bed, one of our fine furniture pieces that are currently available on display in our furniture showroom

Keep calm in the bedroom with clean lines and slim proportions. Night Cap, a modern take on the sleigh bed, offers a slim profile and a pared-down sleigh form that stands straighter with a narrow profile. 

07.  Enjoy Autumnal Hues 

These are Pantone's suggested color palettes for fall and winter 2020 till 2021. 

If you think that something is still lacking in your interior design Sacramento loo, then go out and find something autumnal to bring inside. You can turn this into a family activity and watch your kids gather and bundle small branches. Make it enjoyable for young ones.

Tie the branches using pretty ribbons in autumnal colors and put them near the fireplace. This is a great time to display the votives by gluing on the thin twigs onto the clean glass jars.

Collect pinecones and place them in a large glass vase or use your massive plates and platters. Mix them up with river rocks, shells, or fall fruits such as pears and apples. You'll love seeing them when used to accentuate your fine furniture. You can bring in branches and berries while adding a natural yet sophisticated touch to your space. Let your shrubs dry naturally inside.

Replacing pillows and summery pieces and swapping them with ones with richer colors such as oranges, browns, beiges, greys, and deep blues will do the trick. Bring out the throw blankets. A cashmere throw or a faux fur adds incredible warmth and texture. You will be amazed at how something as simple as replacing pillows can level up the style of your space. 

08.  Fall Is About Layering 

<img src=&quot;living room.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;neutral-colored living room with layered design elements.&quot;>
Layering in Sacramento interior design is no different than layering fashionable clothing and accessories. Just as you put together different colors, styles, and sizes of clothing, you also need to layer your interior design elements so that the room will look stylish.  Think of every room in your home as an empty canvas so you're free to fill it up with the details that you prefer.

Go ahead and use layers in your interior design Sacramento project. Use contrasting but complementary colors and textures to add instant warmth and flair to your home. This can be done with different pillows and blankets. Layer area rugs, too.

Try pairing something that you've always wanted to try - a cowhide or zebra print with sisal or Oriental rug for additional dimension and texture. You'll love how this feels underfoot if your home has hardwood flooring. 

09. Meet Up with Sacramento Interior Designers 


Still in need of more fall Sacramento interior design ideas? There are many interior design firms Sacramento experts but we take pride in our design team members who are here to provide you with a stellar presentation that perfectly suits your taste and what you envision your home to be. McCreery's Home Furnishings allows you to shop for renowned fine furniture brands especially for your living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, or even your bathroom. 

10.  Time to Shop! 


Choose from these hot fall items that are on display in our furniture showroom. You'll soon realize that your Sacramento interior design for fall is the most stylish one that you've ever had. 

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