Top 3 Magical Harry Potter-Inspired Interior Design Styles
Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!

It was nine years ago when the last Harry Potter movie installment was released but the world still can't get over the bespectacled protagonist. And, today, we are celebrating his birthday, or more like the Harry Potter series' author's natal day - happy birthday, J.K. Rowling! And since it's a special day for HP fans throughout the globe, we're featuring here the magical Harry Potter interior design styles that were used to bring Harry's magical world to life. 

#1. The Dursleys: English Countryside Style 

<img src=&quot;dursleyslivingroom.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;The Dursley's pastel living room bursting with letters from Hogwarts.&quot;>

A Pixabay photo 

Let's jump right to where it all started. There's news that the Dursleys' house is now being auctioned (the actual owner is named Sandra Smith) but what we're interested in today is the house's interior design.  Harry Potter may have slept underneath that cramped Cupboard Under the Stairs but his Uncle Vernon's and Aunt Petunia's habitat is not exactly unfortunate looking. 

There's an explosion of pastels, florals, and doilies but, still, their home is easy on the eyes. You can almost smell the baked cakes and pastries being served in their colorful dining room. 

Cottage living is seen as a simplistic and natural style. Here, it is easy to feature architectural beauties or showcase imperfections in your home that could actually turn out to be unique elements.


Typically small and challenged in terms of storage, country cottages often come with armoires and cupboards. Look for these furniture pieces if you want to stow away more stuff. It’s time to tuck linens inside the wooden trunk and the dishes placed inside a pie safe. Go ahead and hide the modern-day electronic appliances behind weathered cabinets.

The comfort that country cottage brings with it comes with age. The patina in wood speaks of generations past or simply of a properly weathered look. Find coverlets, canvas slipcovers, and other stuff in bolder greens, creamy whites, or buttery yellow.

Below are the more modern and subdued versions of the Dursleys' living room - 

<img src=&quot;livingroom.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;living room with yellow sectional, shag rug, neutral ottoman, paisley upholstered chair, and accessories.&quot;>

As Ron Weasley's spell said, "Sunshine daisies, butter mellow..." 

You just gotta love the shades of yellow in this living room.

Or how about a green wallpapered living room instead of Petunia's pink pastel walls? 

And here's a more neutral Aunt Petunia living room but with the same sofa and chair designs. And aren't the paisley patterns lovely? It's both a toast to the muted version of the Harry Potter interior design and a classic interior design that is simply timeless. 

<img src=&quot;livingroom.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;living room with cabriole sofa, paisley chair and ottoman, and wooden coffee table.&quot;>

Country Living Begins with White

Gray, oyster shell, and taupe are the right hues for cottage living. When these are fused, they tend to make a space look fresh, vibrant, and beautifully natural. Think of wood beams exposed high up on those vaulted ceilings. These can expand a master bedroom or any spacious retreat.

Use white paint across ceilings and walls. This is the standard look that you could default to if you don’t know how to achieve country cottage just yet.

Don’t stop with the furnishings, though. Carry that paintbrush and swipe it all across your wooden flooring. You can also achieve a nautical-inspired bedroom for kids. These floors will beautifully contrast with pine boards on your walls and the ceiling.

Opposites Attract

This concept is applicable in a Harry Potter interior design, too. You must always strive to achieve balance by fusing opposite pieces. This means finding joy in marrying glossy with the muted pieces or the contemporary with the distressed ones.

Cozy Means Cottage, Cottage Means Cozy

<img src=&quot;skirtedsofa.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;velvet sofa with skirting and six pillows.&quot;>

Just as soon as you walk in a country cottage home, it's easy to feel at home right away. Natural elements and neutral color palette have the power to rejuvenate the senses. Any space can immediately look livable and comfortable if you use them.

Throw a slipcover onto your sofa or chairs then add a good amount of throw pillows for increased comfort. Materials that you should definitely look into are burlap, linen, and wool.

Fresh Blooms Aplenty

<img src=&quot;orchid.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;Uttermost Kaleama Orchids, White in a glass mirrored cube container.&quot;>

You will never find a country cottage home that does not feature some fresh flowers. These are natural design elements that can soften the starkness of some architectural features. You can also add some potted plants to make your home more natural.

Make Country Cottage YOU

Here's a Fandom depiction of the Dursleys' kitchen breakfast nook. And below is a similar chair that you can get to set up this look in your own Harry Potter interior design

<img src=&quot;diningchair.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;spindle back arm chair.&quot;>

Pull in all of your preferred elements to come up with a space that is solely yours. A country cottage style dining room, for instance, can be a daily or an occasional eating spot according to your preference. For the former, you can set up a casual table, a bench or two, some slipcovered chairs, and your everyday dishware. For the latter, you can add formal lighting in the form of chandeliers.

It’s Not Quaint

When people think of country cottage, they immediately think of worn-out homes with old fixtures and furnishings. This is not always the case. While there are rural and simple cottages, it might surprise you that there are also state-of-the-art homes featuring country cottage décor. 

Yes, More On Pastels

If you’re still categorizing pastel colors as hues only for girls’ bedrooms or nurseries, then you’re hugely mistaken. There is so much more to these awesome colors that can freshen up and uplift the natural beauty of homes. Gone are those days when they are just paired with equally neutral colors. These days, they can go with pretty much any color that you can think of including black.

Pastels + White

<img src=&quot;livingroom.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;living room with yellow and eggshell white walls, neutral-colored sofa and chair, wood and metal coffee table, floor lamp, and other accessories.&quot;>

Heightening the effect of pastel is as easy as pairing it with white. Many designers use soft hues as a standalone color inside many homes. Some use an accent wall complemented with any accessory that comes in the same shade.

A white room is a great playing field for lovers of the pastel palette. The secret to using pastels in a seemingly blank room is to have them as accent pieces like artwork, textiles, and lighting fixtures.

<img src=&quot;whitekitchen.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;a yellow kitchen island in a white-walled kitchen.&quot;>

Any shade of pastel can be used to achieve a soft glow. Warmth and softness is the beautiful result of cream and gold plus some light pink roses.

When the walls come in any pastel color, then you can use white textiles and Sacramento fine furniture. This is a powerful combo that can be balanced with the use of pastel accents such as throws and some pillows.

Just imagine the delicious ambiance that pastel green walls can provide to white furniture pieces. Or if you prefer it the other way around, place pastel furniture inside a mainly white room.

Pastels together with white walls can make even the smallest rooms appear spacious. This is also one of the reasons why pastels are becoming more popular. While they are light-colored, they are far from boring unlike the usual neutrals that dominate many homes. Just picture a unique mint green or sunny yellow bedroom – ain’t it awesome?

Pastels + Bright Colors


If white and pastels result in a crisp interior, then pastels plus some vivid colors equal awesome. The biggest trends today play up the pastel colors by adding neon and other bright hues. For instance, pastel walls can be highlighted by a neon pink cornice. Pastel blue rooms can be heightened with bright colors such as lime green or orange. And while you’re at it, check out the uniqueness of pale green, light chartreuse and lavender. These are all irresistible colors that will look hot with coral pink; light green walls can be paired with peachy sheets; modern shelves can house bright colored books.

You might wonder how two colors on almost opposite ends of the spectrum could fuse so beautifully. Pastels and bright colors are alluring because they complement each other marvelously. For instance – going back to hot pink – it can be your color of choice for the mirrors, bed, lamp, and pillows inside your place of relaxation.

One other approach to pastel interiors is subtlety – like really subtle. An example is a white room with a silver motif. Add a dash of blue with a table lamp and throws and you’ve just achieved a modern room that elevates pastels without being overpowering.

Gray can also be combined with pastel colors to create a contemporary look. This can be both soothing and sleek.

Pastels + Earthy Pieces

<img src=&quot;seatingunit.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;a couch, by the window, decorated with numerous pillows.&quot;>

When talking about pastels, don’t automatically go for pastel pink or blue, or their cousins green and yellow. There are so many other tints of pastels that you can experiment with. Don’t be bound by just the classics. When you’re feeling up to it, you can also use purple or the incredibly chic pale mustard yellow.

You just gotta love pastels because they pair up with just about any style and color that you can think of. If you love rustic, earthy pieces, then pastels are just as wonderful with them. Try pairing a leather chair with some pastel elements, say, some pastel throws, or a pastel area rug. Even a unique sculptural lamp with pastel shade would look great with wood furniture.

Dirty Pastels

‘Ever heard of dirty pastels?

Pastel colors are supposed to be soothing, washed out, or soft. But when you choose to be unique by combining pastels of different tints and shades, you could come across something more interesting – dirty pastels.

Some of the known dirty pastels include

#c3a3a3 (which has a red value of 195, green value of 163, and a blue value of 163)
#baa0a8 (RGB of 186, 160, 168)
#aa97ab (RGB 170, 151, 171)
#9492b0 (RGB 148, 146, 176) and
#929fb0 (RGB 146, 159, 176).

Pastels with a tinge of brown or gray also work well with the serenity of pastels. If you want to achieve a seamless look, paint the trim with the same color family as the walls. Don’t always go for standard-issue neutrals.

Pastel Contrasts

Periwinkle is an interesting color that will make red accessories stand out. If you want to follow this same pattern throughout your home, then pick a pastel color for your walls and then finish with a stronger, bolder color right across the color wheel (e.g. pastel pink walls go well with turquoise accents).

All Out Pastel


The final approach is to go all out. Use monochromatic pastel as a powerful statement on your walls, the furniture pieces, upholstery, and some of the major accessories.

If you want to use more than one pastel color in any room of your home, then be sure to put them all together in a concerted display. A single row of pillows in lemon yellow, green, lavender, or dark pink can make a room pop. A rug such as the braided area rug from Capel Rugs perfectly caps the lovely theme. This soft chenille rug comes in various colors and custom shapes.

Country Design Needs Florals

A lot of designers and homeowners love using floral patterns though they can be a little tricky to handle.  Not using florals appropriately will create a wrong tone inside a room. The room can then appear to be too feminine or overdone. If you are looking into expanding your design scheme, then you might want to look into floral patterns.

Prior to making any major decision, consider what kinds of materials and accessories you will infuse with your floral patterns. The most common are –

  • Blankets

  • Throw pillows

  • Artwork

  • Upholstery

  • Comforters

  • Quilts

  • China

  • Table cloths

  • Rugs

Begin your floral pattern project by deciding that you really like florals. Add florals to your interiors only if you are comfortable with them. Keep in mind that not all floral patterns come in bright, huge representations of lovely flowers. They can also be understated more so if the details are smaller.

Remember that floral patterns can be bold, large, or colorful.

You have to achieve the correct balance with your Sacramento home design so make sure to layer the florals and blankets with solid patterns and colors in the same family of hues. This adds texture and variety in a room and can keep the florals from appearing too girly.

You have a handful of choices if you want to have florals that are not ultra-feminine. Begin by choosing patterns that are more abstract rather than too flowery. Pick those that have bigger leaves than those with bigger blooms.

Next, you can also pick patterns in gender-neutral colors like green, browns, and yellows.

If you are designing a room around the floral pattern, then be sure to keep the focus on the central theme. Take note of the colors in your floral patterns and build upon them. Know which one would serve as the central color and which ones are to be considered as complementary colors. All the other elements in the room should come in solid and neutral hues so that the central pattern would stand out. See if you can find accessories that will match the ambiance and style conveyed by your floral pattern.

Visit the local fabric or craft store if you don’t know how to begin your floral pattern project. You can also browse different fabric patterns on the Internet so you would get a sense of the style and color that you are searching for.

Falling in love with a certain pattern will help you decide on other elements as well such as accessories and curtains.

Traditional or Contemporary?

<img src=&quot;floralchair.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;floral upholstered chair against a pastel wall backdrop.&quot;>
It would be difficult to talk about floral patterns without including flowers themselves. This pattern has a personality of its own whether that’s intimidating or feminine. It can also be classic, vintage, muted, or delicate.

An intricate rose bouquet print can bring about fairytale-like feelings. Tiny rosebuds right by the bedside lamp or on a quilt spells an enchanting message – girls only.

On the other hand, oversized, energetic, and bold floral patterns are graphic treatments that offer adventure. Go ahead and experiment on a pattern that you love. Know that this will dominate the room as would any other modern floral pattern used. Such a pattern is ideally used with neutral furnishings and clean lines. They can also add a splash of cheer and warmth while keeping the modern vibe.

#2. The Weasleys’ Boho Chic Habitat  

<img src=&quot;weasleyshome.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;Warner Studio featuring the Weasleys' home and costumes.&quot;>

Warner Bros Studio image by Pixabay

Do you gravitate towards the laidback vibe of the Boho scheme? This is a cohesive look that you can use in your home but if you also feel like including luxurious textiles, metallic accents, and opulent jewels, then nothing’s keeping you from doing so. Boho design is free so it can take flight where you want it to soar. And this is exactly how the Weasleys wanted their home to be. You, too, can set up your Harry Potter room decor in a room that's boho chic. 

Boho: A Blend of Glamour and Tranquility

You might think that it’s impossible to achieve both glamour and serenity but these are two characteristics that are both present in Boho. There are many ways to use this look in your home.

First, you simply have to achieve a gallery effect.

What is this?

This is a bright and airy space where the walls are lined with wall art, photographs, and pops of hot pink, turquoise, and indigo hues.


Branches can be used effectively in this kind of design. During pruning season, they are affordable, even abundant. They could last for more than a week so that means a week of having a huge interior design impact. Instead of the usual flowers in vases, why not consider branches the next time?

A sunroom is already an exciting place, to begin with. With a burst of color and thrilling patterns, it can become a vintage-inspired Harry Potter interior design. Add 50s vinyl chairs to complete the look. Sheers can provide the needed separation and privacy.

Creating visual balance is easy with Boho. All you have to do is take a stack of books and place them in sturdy shelves, use white and blue vases for your flowers or indoor plants, and display your collections. Don’t be tempted to bring out all of your collectibles, though, or you would end up with chaos instead of symmetrical Sacramento interior design.

<img src=&quot;colorfulrecliners.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;different colored recliners in a room.&quot;>

The breakfast nook can be styled in a casual manner by using a rustic table and breadboards. These can be easily contrasted by anything that’s brightly-colored such as green chairs. Mid-century wine racks will also serve an aesthetic and functional purpose inside this room. Enjoy that morning cup of coffee as you take a careful look at the wine bottles in those racks.

Take your Boho charm a bit farther as you display your collection of rocks or white pottery. Add a lovely painting that is leaning against the wall and you’re just a few steps from finishing.

Wildflowers and weeds can make a difference in your Boho interiors. Indoor organics don’t necessarily have to be flowers or green plants all the time.

Adding wicker furniture with sheepskin is a classic way to achieve the 70s look. This combination spells retro. If white sheepskin is a little too delicate for you, you can also opt for the black or gray sheepskin. It is a foolproof way of ramping up your Boho glam.

Adding a bar trolley is yet another stylish way to cap your Boho interiors. Say no to uniformity. Discard the other pair if you have two lamps, two rugs, or two chairs. Then make room for lots and lots of plants. If weeds don’t make you go gaga then just opt for green plants with wide leaves. Macramé plant hangers will also look great.

Mix in some tribal prints inside the bedroom. This is a special room where you can have a relaxed side of Boho. Art Deco stuff is also welcome inside this space. Find a stylish white headboard, piped edging, and a glass-topped bedside table. Ethnic prints bring in a different kind of vibe. Normally, this shouldn’t work but the miracle of Boho is that – it does, it always does.

Are you ready to bring in a unique Sacramento interior design? Then Boho it is.

#3.  Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: Gothic Interior Design

<img src=&quot;hogwartsstudyhall.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;Gothic-designed Hogwarts study hall.&quot;>

A Pixabay free image of the Hogwarts study hall. 

Hogwarts School is often depicted as merely Medieval Gothic but its design is actually a beautiful fusion of Norman Romanesque, Gothic, and Gothic Revival. The dark colors in these halls perfectly blend with the equally dark robes of the headmaster, professors, and the students. 

Gothic interior design or those medieval interiors both represent like eras. But do not imagine creepy mansions and artwork when thinking about gothic style, instead, think of architectural beauty and intricate furniture pieces.

Victorian gothic is, in essence, an architectural design that started as early in the 1740s. Compared to modern gothic interiors, they are similar because they show opulence and elegance. Gothic architecture first took the spotlight around 1150 AD. This was during the Medieval Period and it immediately became a significant part of every building design. Back then, it was called the French Style.

Examples of the gorgeous Gothic style can be found in abundance in the U.K. and the rest of Europe, more so in Paris, France. Gothic cathedrals are the perfect examples of gothic architectural wonders that have endured centuries. But if you want to localize the look to suit your Sacramento interior design, then go for American Gothic. 

Crafted of aluminum in a textured finish with a Gothic-shaped top, the Adonia Floor Mirror is a vision of edgy elegance.

American Gothic

When looking at the American gothic style nowadays, you might not picture how it actually came about. Its beginnings were quite humble, with artist Grant Wood taking a stroll around Eldon in Iowa. He was then just looking for inspiration when he came upon the gothic style farmhouse called the Dibble House. Being an Iowan, himself, Wood sketched this dwelling place at the back of a simple envelope. Wood’s biographer later added that the artist was struck at the thought of adding a pretentious (we’re using the biographer’s word here, not ours) gothic window on an otherwise flimsy wooden house (again, the biographer’s words). This painting resulted in what’s known today as American Gothic classic interior design.

Grant Wood’s American Gothic

Using Nan Wood – Graham (Wood’s sister) and Byron McKeeby (their family dentist) as models, Wood started painting the house along with this willing pair. The Art Institute of Chicago recognized him by giving him a prize for the said painting. The masterpiece was even purchased by the Institute and hung it for everyone’s appreciation.

While Wood wanted to depict a positive image for the Americans, his painting was seen by a different pair of eyes among his critics. To them, it was a satire on the life spent on a farm. It took many years before the painting became a symbol of strength and steadfastness.

You will surely love the American Gothic style if you prefer the unfussy sort of gothic design. If the elaborate workings on quality furniture and architecture do not please you or if you consider apron to be everyday wear, then you are embracing the Puritan way of life and would definitely feel comfortable in an American Gothic home.

However, if you want to stay true to a structure with dark walls almost depicting haunted houses, then go for authentic Gothic interior design. Gothic also shows the ornate architecture and the most gorgeous fine furniture
<img src=&quot;woodendiningtable.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;dining table made of wood with light and dark finishes.&quot;>

Elevate your dining experiences with family and friends with the stunning Corsica Rectangle Pedestal Dining Table, contrasting a dark artisan espresso finish on the base with a sun-washed natural finish on the top featuring a reclaimed character. The architectural base is reminiscent of Romanesque architecture with a Gothic flair. 


Gothic will always be dramatic and elegant. Say yes to making dramatic statements whether in your choice of fine furniture Sacramento pieces, lighting fixture, or decorative details.

Wallpapers are also items that are associated with the Victorian gothic style. So adorn your walls with patterned wallpapers, more so those that have a velvety texture. Use bold colors that are often used in many Victorian homes.


Thick, Rich Textures

Draperies are both decorative and functional. The heavier, layered types of draperies are glamorous and elegant enough for a Gothic home. Should you choose the less opulent American Gothic style, be sure to go for simple draperies minus the tassels and fringes.


Ornate Sacramento fine furniture pieces are regal pieces of artwork. They are for homes that are rich and often dramatic. If you are embracing the American Gothic look, just look for straightforward designs. If you’re uncertain as to whether you can use black or not, ask our expert designers on Designer on Demand


J.K. Rowling has touched our lives in so many magical ways and who knew that even the interior design industry would also be drawn to Harry's world? Celebrate Harry Potter's birthday by emulating one of these interior design styles.  Better yet, make it the lasting Sacramento interior design for your home. 

Arent Interior Design Services Expensive?

We offer the same services that outside designers often charge hundreds of dollars per hour for, the only difference is our services are complimentary with your purchase. Also, included in the design services are space planning and accessory recommendations, plus so much more!

Top 3 Magical Harry Potter-Inspired Interior Design Styles
McCreery's Home Furnishings, Elena Shella Villamor
31 July, 2020
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