#TransformationTuesday: Let’s Go Yellow
Yellow Interior Design Tips for 2021

You either love or hate yellow – so what is it? Some may answer that their level of emotion towards this color depends on how vibrant or soft it is. Believe it or not, though, yellow is crucial in interior design - even your Sacramento interior design.

Color can affect humans physiologically and psychologically without them noticing it. This means that you must never underestimate the power that colors or color combinations have on humans.

Yellow Interior Design 2021


You might have seen a good amount of yellow in interior design magazines and sites these days. Stop wondering why yellow seems to be taking the interior design industry by storm.

In our recent article, Heralding Spring 2021: 5 Sacramento Home Design Tips to Remember, we mentioned how Vogue's Spring Ready-to-Wear Collections showed a lot of dark colors and a few vibrant ones like yellow. In fact, the yellow sneakers sashayed by the AZ Factory model wearing a black, mutton sleeve dress shows just how effectively yellow can be used to balance a stark color. 

Yellow is a retrospective color, meaning, your grandma and grandpa did enjoy using this color during their days but it doesn't mean that it won't rock Sacramento home design during this year. 

Yellow is often used because of its positive qualities. It is known to evoke happiness, confidence and optimism. Imagine feeling optimistic just because you wake up to a sunny yellow room every day. There is a downside to this color, though. Overusing it (meaning you surround yourself with everything that’s yellow), or using the wrong tone, even pairing it with the wrong hue will render the yellow useless (if not damaging your interior design Sacramento project).

This means that you should harness just the right shade of yellow. If you don’t know what shade to pick, then find the one that resonates the most with you. See also that this shade of yellow does not create disharmony in your existing Sacramento interior design theme.

Yellow can range from daffodil, creams, sunflower shades and acid hues.

Yes to Yellow Interior Design

<img src=&quot;living room&quot; alt=&quot;living room with yellow sofa, paisley upholstered chair, brown ottoman, area rug, and other design elements&quot;>

You are seeing a lot of yellow pairings in many interiors at the moment. Different combinations are being used under different circumstances. Depending on yellow’s strengths, gray is often used as the hue to tone down this active color.

This is why the Pantone Colors of the Year for 2021 are Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (a tint of yellow). Read more about this in our article: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating - Are You Ready for Pantone 2021 Colors of the Year? 

Tonal white versions of yellow include ivory, cream and oyster hues. These look lively, fresh and happy and are known to excite the senses. Spring showed much of these beautiful colors so it would be a waste if you would not be able to harness yellow to your home’s advantage.

A complementary color to yellow is any shade of purple. If you think you have doused your home with too much yellow, then freely use purple to counteract the overactive environment that you have created.

For a calmer color scheme, find the analogous colors. Which colors sit right next to yellow on the color wheel?

For yellow, these would be red and orange.

<img src=&quot;living room&quot; alt=&quot;a living room with a mainly yellow theme&quot;>

The key to successfully using yellow as a color scheme is to use it together with the hues from the same family. It also pays to identify which colors are primary, secondary and accents.

Yellow has always been a contradictory color. It can be the color of slaves (during the Spanish Inquisition) or it can represent nobility (this is apparent among the Chinese). At the end of the day, it will always represent cheerfulness so use it with caution.

The rooms where you should use yellow are the hallways, the breakfast nook, and any room that asks for a lot of activities and foot traffic. The hallways, for instance, are often dark and so yellow is the best welcoming color that you can use there.

Other rooms that will look great with a yellow color palette are the living room, kitchen, dining room, and the sunroom. 

Use Yellow With Caution


Yellow can relate to the emotions just like a person taking an upper. This only means that you should use yellow with caution in areas where you should be resting such as the bedroom or the bathroom. The reading room might not be a good area to use this color in.

Being exposed to yellow in these places of relaxation will only make the person annoyed or irritable in the long run. Remember that even as you sleep, the psychological properties of yellow are still at work so better be careful in using this activity-inducing hue.

McCreery's Home Furnishings' Yellow Interior Design Suggestions

Here are McCreery's Home Furnishings' top picks for the most charming yellow interior design elements. Take a Virtual Tour of our furniture showroom now to find more potential yellow furnishings or visit us at 3140 Auburn Boulevard, Sacramento. 

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