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Walk-In Closet 101
Drive Away Cabin Fever With A Walk-in Closet Project


Spacious closets are one of the most sought-after Sacramento furniture pieces in many homes all over the country. In places where space costs you a leg (e.g. New York City), you need to make wise use of every inch that you pay for. New Yorkers are even willing to pay a hefty amount for tiny boxes with a lock for their safekeeping needs. 

Closets can be turned into space which even serves as a home for people from this state. While this is not what is being suggested with your Sacramento interior design, this just says a lot about how walk-in closets are the most amazing utilitarian spaces.

There is a huge advantage in having a walk-in closet at home. This can provide you with lots of extra storage space for your clothes and other stuff. This kind of closet, though, requires an equally huge amount of energy and time. If you’re still interested, then it’s time to explore your options.

Your Walk-In Closet and the Sacramento Furniture Pieces That Go In It 

<img src=&quot;dresser.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;wooden triple dresser.&quot;>

A huge walk-in closet is every lady’s dream. Even large families can share this space. It can be luxurious-looking or it can be low-key. But, as always, it is always a space that can showcase a woman’s shoe or dress collection. 

It can also be the perfect stage for the high end furniture Sacramento pieces that you own. 

Those clothes in a storage unit can be transferred for good inside the walk-in closet. If you’re feeling it, you can even add a dress form mannequin to complete the room.

A Little Wardrobe History

<img src=&quot;chair and ottoman.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;upholstered wooden chair and ottoman.&quot;>

As textiles and clothing technology evolved, worn clothing became a lot easier to manufacture, hence, there was an increase in cabinets’ decorative qualities. More and more people saw the need to own sets of clothing and these, of course, needed storage solutions.

Different cultures showed different progression in terms of clothing storage. Ancient Egyptians, for instance, stored their clothing inside woven baskets that were made out of reeds. Makes you think of Moses and where he was placed into as a baby, right? The wealthy used alabaster chests instead of these not-so-durable baskets.

The wealthy Greeks, on the other hand, kept their clothes inside wooden chests. The Romans also used the same material for their chests but they took the design further by inventing the walk-in closet of sorts with their armorium.

This basic wooden box used to be carried everywhere to transport the Romans’ weapons and armors. This box evolved to become an expensive, ornate chest that the wealthy wanted to keep.

The Birth of Walk-In Closets

<img src=&quot;bench.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;gilded quilted bench.&quot;>

During the 1870s, hanging rods were eventually installed inside wardrobes. Ancient hangers soon followed and it was around 1880 when, in Dakota, an apartment building finally showed some reach-in closets. These were specifically designed for clothes.

It is not that easy to prove the exact point when the walk-in closet came into its full existence. European monarchs had so many clothes that can fit into entire rooms so it was just a matter of time before someone realized that the solution is a storage room and not a mere closet.

In the U.S., specifically in Park Avenue, there appeared a new level of cabinetry where electrical outlets, locked doors, and shelves come aplenty.

Going back to the ‘50s, the closets became more popular with a lot of lower to middle-class homes requiring these as a standard part of their homes. A few authorities suggested that the suburban moves brought about the onset of big closets.

In the ‘80s, the revolutionary walk-in closet became more popular with the closet industry soaring ever higher. Most walk-in closets have been born in pop culture, with one being featured on Mariah Carey’s appearance in the show Cribs.

The Ideal Measurements


The depth of your wardrobe, of course, varies. The ideal dimensions for a regular-sized one, though, is at 60-65 centimeters (this is already including the doors). This should allow more room for hangers, clothing, bulky pieces of clothing, and you.

If you like to have a wardrobe that has doors, then consider having the sliding type as this would save you much space. Hinged ones are suitable for more spacious walk-in closets and, even then, you can still use that extra space where the door swings out.

Consider having cabinets with glass doors. They will help stop dust from accumulating on most of your clothes, shoes, and bags. See if you can also have a mirrored backboard to help reflect the light.

What is a walk-in closet without enough hanging space, right? Long coats and dresses need more space than your regular clothing so give them enough room to hang freely. This should be a space where you don’t need to fold your dresses or coats anymore. The right measurement is 188 centimeters.

Always consider the advice of a professional designer when you are going about your internal choices such as gaining extra space as well as height.

Our expert designers will be more than happy to help. Reach them through Designer on Demand

The Walk-in Closet System 

<img src=&quot;chairs and a mirror.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;a pair of upholstered chairs and a decorative mirror.&quot;>

Here are some steps that you can make a space become a walk-in closet –

  • First, paint the walls with an interesting hue. If a repainting job is not feasible at the moment, then you can always use wallpaper to cover the bland walls. Find the pattern that suits your chosen style. Read The Most Comprehensive List of Wall Designs on the Planet to know more wall design options. 
  • Be sure to measure the lengths of clothing that will be placed in the closet. Longer dresses and skirts could require higher hanging bars.
  • Use clothes organizers that will help give the walk-in closet a tidier look.
  • Have a huge mirror installed and a cozy rug placed on the floor. Remember that you will be spending a lot of time dressing up in this part of your home so have it filled with ample lighting and windows where possible. Use ambient lighting for a more elegant look.
  • Never forget to decorate. A crown molding can be the crowning part of any walk-in closet.

Add the Right Furniture


The walk-in closet can be as exciting as you think it to be. The only limit is your imagination so go ahead and add the best-looking fine furniture. A set of drawers can be placed there that is about 80 centimeters tall. This allows for three drawers to accommodate your clothing storage requirements.

Always be consistent with the lines in your space. This ascertains that you will have a visually pleasing walk-in closet to use and also to show off from time to time.

Any fashionista would also agree that proper shoe shelving should be set up in a walk-in closet. This is so the pairs of shoes will look new and are also easily accessible. The ideal height for a shoe shelf is about 22 to 26 centimeters. This is the home for your flats and heels and even some men’s shoes.

The walk-in closet also offers an opportunity to create depth in a bedroom. Since this room is often situated inside the master bedroom, it should be versatile and spacious enough to carry clothing, shoes, jewelry, bags, and just about every piece of accessory that he or she owns. This is also your chance to feature the furniture pieces that you bought from a furniture showroom

Bring in the right furniture pieces into this space. Primarily, you need a wardrobe that can serve as the focal point in this new room. Be sure to bring in a bench or two, some chairs, carpeting or an area rug, even full-length mirrors.

Shelving units and drawers are always wonderful additions.

Maximize the Space

<img src=&quot;dresser.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;white dresser.&quot;>

Since walk-in closets also make use of space, you might as well maximize what you have. You can add storage units all the way to the ceiling. Higher shelves should do the trick as well as stylish pigeon holes where you can put your off-season clothes and accessories.

Remember those boots that have been causing storage problems lately? You can now have them displayed in your walk-in closet. Just double the measurement for the shoe shelves meant for regular shoes. Your boots can now become decorative elements during those months when they are not in use.

Layer your shoeboxes on shelves to give the room more character. 

And Then There Was Light

What is a walk-in closet without proper lighting? Task lighting is the best kind of lighting for this room though this does not mean that you should not consider decorative lights, too. You can choose to hang pendants or install sconces along with track lighting to illuminate this new room. Place baseboard lights so you can display your boots and other shoes on the floor.

For a touch of glamour, you can always rely upon a classic chandelier.

Now that you know how to fill your walk-in closet with quality Sacramento furniture, may we suggest that you start your Virtual Tour? We have ongoing sale events that will surely help you save some bucks (or a lot of it!). 


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