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What Does An Interior Designer Do?

Are you now at a stage when you have figured out what you would want your house to look like? If so, have you also come to the decision as to who would design your new or remodeled home? Will you hire professional interior designers in Sacramento or would you take on a DIY project?

Back in the day, it was just the nobles who had the notion to design their homes but they always hired someone else to do the job for them. but now you don’t have to live in a palace or be a noble just to enjoy interior design Sacramento services. You also should not fear the cost that much.

Your concern in hiring an interior designer could also be because of your fear of a result that does not reflect your tastes anymore. While some homeowners fearlessly collaborate with a Sacramento interior design expert, others stall for many different reasons.

There are many benefits to hiring an interior designer and it's up to you to put your trust in this masters of design.

If you are thinking of redesigning your home or are just about to set up your first one, you may be wondering whether you need the help of a professional, licensed interior designer. Hiring an interior designer is an intelligent decision if you have already invested a good amount of money in your home. The best designs serve an amazing purpose not only for you and your family but also for future plans that you might have to sell the property.

Importance of Interior Design

<img src=&quot;neutrallivingroom.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;a couple in a neutral theme living and dining area designed with a couch, a chair, an ottoman, and a dining set.&quot;>

The best reason to design your home is that you love beautiful, organized things. Your creative side just won’t turn down a design project. There are, however, many downsides to taking on DIY design projects. Primarily, you could mess up the project especially if you have no idea what you would want to include in your design. You have two choices when this happens – you can either live with the mess that you have created or you can invest another large sum of money to correct the error.

Errors in interior design are quite common which is why you gotta have the ability to visualize. If you have trouble visualizing and putting creative projects into full gear, then you absolutely need help.

The Sensibility Behind Interior Design

Please toss aside the notion that Sacramento interior design is just for the rich and famous. You don’t have to be a Hollywood actor or a sports star just to need the help of interior designers. When you logically think about this, you will actually save a lot of money as you go on with the interior design project.

Everyone also deserves to have an amazing space. Your home should be able to bring you joy and comfort. It must not just look amazing but also a reflection of who you are, where you come from, and what your beliefs are in life.

Breathtaking Interior Design Isn’t An Accident

A lot of people get confused or are intimidated by the very idea of getting in touch with a professional interior designer. You might be overwhelmed by the idea of working with someone else. Also, you might think that these designers might not understand your concepts, or worse, they could look down on you for not having a sense of style.

When your thoughts start to go down those paths, stop yourself. Interior designers in Sacramento CA are experts who can guide you to the best style that suits you.

Interior Design Saves You a Lot of Money

<img src=&quot;dollars.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;dollars and a white envelope.&quot;>
You might reason out that interior designers are actually costly but they can save you money because they help you avoid pricey mistakes. Interior design is especially essential when you will sell your home in the future. The expert can help you boost the buyer appeal and even set your home apart from the competitors.

Hiring an interior designer can also help you keep away from painting accidents or having to take the furniture back all because you did not do the measurements correctly.

Interior Design Saves You Time

Just like saving some money, you can also save time when you hire an interior designer. Since designers have a trained sense of what should be done and when they need to be done, they will be able to anticipate obstacles long before they happen.

Interior Design Will Give You A Professional Assessment


As soon as you agree to hire a trained interior designer, you will know what plans to work on. This expert went through design school and even has a few apprenticeships up his sleeve. You must also keep in mind that interior designers have studied both the art and science of interior design and they know how to apply both concepts into your home.

Having a trained eye such as theirs means they are able to assess if something is wrong with the design or if a design element happens to work. That immediate consult is an advantage that is hard to put a price tag to.

The order of implementation for the design plan is also followed because someone who is professionally efficient is there to help you.

Interior Design Means Having More Contacts and Resources

This is Melissa Webb.  She is one of our expert interior designers.  Read more about her and her interior design techniques on An Interior Designer's Perception of Art.  You'll also learn seven timeless home designs that are worth mimicking. 

Do you know how difficult it is to find the best resources when you don’t have the right connections? Hiring a designer means you do not have to worry about finding your own electrician, plumber, and construction workers.

Since your designer has been in the business for quite some time, he is the right person to contact with regard to one-stop shopping for manpower.

Lives seem to get busier with each passing year. With technology getting more and more advanced, while it does make life easier, it also causes lives to be more demanding. So if you’re redesigning or redecorating, it is often a lot easier to just trust a pro.

Meet your interior designer. There is a host of benefits that comes with hiring a design expert. Reduced time, maximized costs, and optimization of space are just some of the benefits of hiring an interior designer.

Trend and Industry Perceptions

Let’s accept this fact – interior designers studied design, the principles behind it, and many other elements that the ordinary fellow might not know. As you trust this professional, you will have access to the plethora of interior design industry knowledge that he or she has.

A few states require interior designers to have a license coming from the NCIDQ or the National Council for Interior Design Qualification before the professional is able to work.

Sitting through an exam means the person should have undergone no less than two years of an interior design college education. Four years of required work experience is also needed in some states.

The alternative to this is for the individual to have four years in design education and two years of work experience. For the states that do not ask their interior designers to hold a license, such as in California, this is an idea for the interior designer wannabe to become a member of the council.

This expert will also know the trends that are super hot, hot, hot; and even the best innovations that could serve well on your office design or family room needs. It is, after all, their job to know the in things and what’s no longer fashionable.

A home design Sacramento expert knows all these things because she regularly attends industry events.

Far-reaching Design Experience

Reach Greg, one of our expert designers, through Designer on Demand

On top of attending industry events and knowing the trends and new products, a professional interior designer also offers experience. The longer this professional has worked, the likelier that he or she already has the qualifications that you need for your design project.

Through their numerous projects, designers are able to see which elements work and which don’t. If you pick a pro who specializes in a particular sector, then he or she can offer more insights than the regular designer.

Correct Time and Budget Management

An interior designer should have a strong experience in both time and budget management. Check your preferred expert’s portfolio, especially the major projects that they did in the past.

Was he able to stay in the budget that the client required? Was he able to deliver the project according to the schedule? Knowing these things can help you achieve a smooth process.

Planning is also a huge part of the interior designer’s job. The American Society of Interior Designers points out that a designer must be able to render his or her plans through drawings or the use of design software. See if a hired professional is able to execute either or both.

You Get to Relax

It might be tempting to want to be in control 24/7 as you embark on a design project.


You could declare that you get to have the final say but as the project is ongoing, well, you need to relax. This is the very reason why you’re hiring a professional; so you could take the backseat and just enjoy the project as it unfolds. A designer, after all, comes with the right management skills so he should know how to work with deadlines.

Ask if the interior designer Sacramento professional is going to have other projects alongside yours, though, as this could affect the result. Being overloaded with work could result in deadlines not being met or troubles in maintaining order throughout the duration of the design project.

Who Is the Interior Designer Sacramento Expert?

Meet Sandi one of our design experts. 

Hiring a pro means you have a larger selection of furniture, furnishings, wall coverings, fabrics, and tradespeople. The designer has cultivated many professional relationships with tradesmen so you could potentially design a home that is tailor-fitted to your lifestyle and taste.

A designer can also save you money by doing the project correctly from the outset. You see, not every person is born with an eye for what's beautiful, comfortable, and functional. Most interior designers in Sacramento CA learned their skills, some even as young as when they were children in their homes. Perhaps one had a mother who loved buying interior design magazines or an older sister who simply liked to mix and match the decor.

Imagination and a dash of God-given creativity pave the way for an artistic interior design career. Those who carve a name for themselves in the interior design industry eventually have an established client network or they are the ones who work for the biggest home stores all over the country.

Interior designers in Sacramento CA can take on different residential as well as commercial projects. Some are even tasked to design communities and institutional projects such as libraries, schools, offices, and chapels.

Interior design is now a discipline that is widely appreciated by more people. This is why a designer should improve her craft by expanding her knowledge and seeing with artistic eyes.

An Interior Designer Finds Inspiration

<img src=&quot;autumninspiredlivingroom.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;living room with mainly autumn colors has a beige sectional and burnt sienna upholstered chair decorated with different pillows.&quot;>

What do you think is the inspiration for the living room above? Now that autumn is just around the corner, this orange, beige, and other earthy colors theme is fitting. 

Inspiration for home interior can come from history, culture, travel, architecture, and especially the arts. Nature also influences some designers’ works, changing their perspectives as they touch the waters of the ocean or feel the breeze against their cheek.

The style that a designer eventually develops depends also on her own preference and her willingness to give in to the client’s whims. Furniture pieces and accessories are often carefully selected according to factors such as the client’s lifestyle, budget, and personality.

If there is one rewarding thing about interior design, it is that the designer knows that she did her best in setting up a beautiful home, one that her clients will be enjoying in style and comfort.

An Interior Designer Adapts


The interior designer Sacramento expert might not have grown up in a family of artists or designers but through careful study and constant practice, she has developed an eye for beauty. Continuously learning and improving one’s craft is a must in this kind of job. She should be able to look, individually, at her projects and say – through the years that – she has improved.

An interior designer knows through dedication and hard work what a client wants. Recommendations come from satisfied clients and so a designer should learn to adapt and not demand what she thinks is better.

A well-loved interior designer is one who makes it a point to make her clients happy. She should never give them a reason to feel dissatisfied with any aspect of her work. Designers also have a duty to learn new things about their job from time to time so they can keep up with the changing trends.

A true artist makes a room functional yet beautiful at the same time. This is a skill that can only be mastered through time, constant study, and practice. She is an expert when it comes to interior design element optimization.

An Interior Designer Is a Furniture Connoisseur


While everyone is enjoying an idyllic Sunday morning at home, the interior designer could be out shopping for furniture and home accessories. These are the very pieces that will define the home of their clients so they take time to choose every piece.

Delivering someone’s dream space is not easy. The furniture used should have textures and patterns that match the client’s chosen theme. It is an invitation to imagine and find the furniture that the client will eventually love.

The greatest reward of being an interior designer is to spread splendor one home at a time.

Speak with our friendly designers here at McCreery’s Home Furnishings through our Designer on Demand and find out which pieces are most suitable for your taste.

An Interior Designer Provides Solutions


<img src=&quot;sittingroom.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;sitting room with two leather chairs facing each other, a fireplace with unlit logs, wall art, and side table.&quot;>

Designing the interiors of a home can be a daunting project for many homeowners, even for those who are devoted to DIY tasks. Most just delegate the task to skilled professionals but a lot of misconceptions have been circulating when it comes to interior designers, enough to make others shun these experts from helping out.

The majority of homeowners do not know that there are three ways that interior designers work with their clients; first, through full design services, then through design plans, and lastly through consultation.

Interior Design Full Services

This is the kind of service rendered by a designer who offers the complete solution to your interior design dilemma. This is the optimized service level that leaves all the hard work to the professionals. This is ideal for people who do not have ample time to run the project. This is also great for those who would want a packaged deal.

The full design service package is chosen by people who want to have full house remodeling. This is also an awesome choice for kitchen design projects and buying furniture for specific rooms.

Hire interior designer Sacramento experts from this level if you have a low level of tolerance for design frustrations. This is the kind of service that offers a long list of suppliers and dealers.

Find this kind of professional if you want a huge interior design project finished in no time. What you have here is a handful of experts all handled by a project manager who will manage the outsourcing, ordering, inspecting, installation management, and dealing with problems that could suddenly take place.

The Interior Designer Is A Visionary

<img src=&quot;neutralpalettediningroom.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;neutral-colored dining set with four chairs; round table; two, framed wall arts; a desk lamp; and indoor plant.&quot;>

Interior designers in Sacramento are professionally capable of developing a vision for your warm and inviting home. He or she could give you style cues and steps that are needed to fulfill all your orders and installations.

An interior designer prepares concepts, elevation and floor plans, lighting plans, furniture specs, even millwork designs. A designer can work from the conceptualization phase to the completion period.

A designer is also supposed to help you find dependable and qualified people especially when you are having a hard time searching for them. You can attain peace of mind once you see the team of people that the designer has gathered for you.

Designing takes time and decision-making phases which is why you need to have professionals sort these out for you. These experts are especially helpful when your plate is full and when you don’t have time to spare.

What to Expect from a Design Team

<img src=&quot;mccreerysteam.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;McCreery's Home Furnishings Team.&quot;>
An interior design project can take any time from a few weeks to several months, even up to a year. This depends on how huge the project requirement is. A major interior design project might also require you to attend a number of meetings where you will be informed about the status of the project and other updates. You will also be constantly reviewing the designs and other elements that are going to be brought into your home.

Cost-wise, know that an interior designer is compensated for his or her education level, experience, and overall expertise. The fees can be paid hourly or on a per-project basis. The latter (fixed-price interior designers) calculate their project quotes by computing the square footage against their professional fees. Sometimes, they require a certain percentage of the client’s proposed overall budget.

Remember that hiring a professional for your interior design project will save you a lot of time, even headaches. Structural planners include remodeling contractors and architects. The interior designer, on the other hand, is in charge of design elements inside your home. This expert should work closely with the contractor so that they, together, get to achieve what you would want them to achieve.

The beginning of a majestic design process always comes with the initial consultation. This is that moment when you meet up with the design experts and have an ocular visit in your home. This initial consult could also happen inside the designer’s studio which is the case when the house is going to be constructed or if a vacation home is to be set up.

The Meetup

<img src=&quot;manandwomantalking.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;woman with teal dress sitting on chair and talking with a man.&quot;>
An interior designer’s first interaction requires getting to know as much information about their client as possible. They have to know their desired outcomes, personalities, the timeframe for the project, and the budget.

Your selection of a design team also means looking for past clients. These are the people who can attest to the real portfolio of your chosen design team. Ask if the past clients were satisfied with the end result. Ask also if the builders have their license.

Warranty and service are also two things that you need to ask before signing any papers. Tour the model homes that they have made. The number of years that they have worked also counts.

It is also important for the design team to know how space will be used, discuss functionality as well as aesthetics. As a team, the client should specify the next meeting’s major task and what jobs to prioritize.

Find a design team that does not require a consultation fee or, at the very least, have a low asking price. The initial consultation should be a means to see if you and the team are a good fit. If you want the design team to take on the project a-hundred-percent and you would just move in once it’s done, then specify that to them, too.

Material Selection

Another necessary step of the design process is the material selection phase. The home design Sacramento team will lay all of the options to you by this time. Be sure to give honest feedback so that you will end up liking the materials used in your home.

While design teams try to get the material selection right the first time, there are also instances when some of the choices need to be revisited especially when they deviate from the desired outcome. Remember that you are always at the helm of this project because you are designing your home.


The third step of the design process is the approximation of the project cost. Individual materials and products will be lined up so you can make your choice and make a final decision on what items to use. Take a careful look at all the alternatives before you make your final decision.

Most design teams will ask for a deposit once you sign the contract with them. This is the money that they will use to begin ordering the materials that you agreed to use for the project.


This is the phase when actual construction will take place. You are bound to meet plumbers, electricians, flooring installers, wall experts, painters, general contractors, etc.

If you have your own set of experts whom you prefer to work with, then let the contractor know.

Final Inspection

So what should you expect once the design is done?

Your designer must offer one last walkthrough before he hands over the structure to you. Have a blue painter’s tape with you during this walkthrough. This will serve as your marker as you point out anything that should be improved or was not done according to your specifications.

The designer should be able to correct these marked areas. It is your right to ask who will do the final work. There are designers who assign a dedicated team to complete the final items.

Keep a record of these marked items so that you can have another walkthrough once the project is done.

Now that you know what to expect, are you ready to start working with the best interior designers in Sacramento

Arent Interior Design Services Expensive?

We offer the same services that outside designers often charge hundreds of dollars per hour for, the only difference is our services are complimentary with your purchase. Also, included in the design services are space planning and accessory recommendations, plus so much more!

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