What Makes Up A Romantic Home?
5 More McCreery's Home Furnishings Valentine's Day Ideas
Yesterday we gave you Valentine's Day ideas for your Sacramento interior design - and we're not done yet! We call this the love-filled week because we're prepping Sacramento homes to welcome heart's day with a bang. 

After all, it wouldn’t hurt to have a little romance in your life, would it? When romance comes along, you have to work hard to keep the flame glowing. Adding a little love and sensuality into your home is as easy as following these: 

5 More Valentine's Day Ideas for Your Sacramento Home Design 


I.  A Candle-lit Ambiance 


You already learned about Valentine's flowers from our previous post, we even gave you some links to the sweetest cake and cupcake recipes.

So, what's next? 

Candles - whether battery-operated or the real deal - are the cornerstones of all romantic ambiences. Don’t just get any kind of candle, though.

For a more environmentally-sound romantic lighting, go for beeswax or soy candles. Light some scented candles if you want to stimulate your senses. Now don't forget to beautify your candles with charming candleholders such as these: 

Say no to glaring lights that will only detract the romantic atmosphere. A dimmed, soft light is the way to go. There should be zero fluorescent lighting - just for this day. You could be the most energy-conscious person on the planet but it’s time to forget about LED lighting during this time.

Bring out those warm, incandescent lights. These are just as good as candles in stimulating romantic feelings.

There is really no point in arguing about the inspiration that candles evoke. Their warm glow can create flattery and a heightened level of intimacy.

If you want to splurge, there are many other ways of romantically lighting your home. Invest in a crystal chandelier to extend the romantic feel of the home for many, many years to come.

Sometimes, you don’t have to spend much. You can also place light behind a potted plant and you can already change the aura inside the living room.

Find Moroccan lanterns to add mystery in a corner. Their subtle glow will surely invoke passionate feelings.

II.  Romantic Music 

<img src=&quot;console&quot; alt=&quot;wooden entertainment console&quot;>

What would a good movie be without proper music to excite your senses? This is also true when you’re trying to set up a romantic Sacramento home design (or even just the bedroom). Keep the music low and soft as you would only want to have a background that won’t irritate or distract.

Of course, you also wouldn’t want your special someone to go dancing to the beat of the music when all you want to do is snuggle. Jazz and love songs work best if you want to set the mood. 

Words are unnecessary, just let the music flow. Sometimes there is no need for those forced conversations.

III.  An Intimate Bedroom 

<img src=&quot;bed&quot; alt=&quot;four poster bed&quot;>

Do you believe that the bedroom is a sacred place? This is the very place where you sleep, relax, dream, and visualize even. This can be a room that you have all for yourself or you might be sharing it with someone whom you care for. While this room deserves privacy or even if it is dark and tiny, it need never be depressing.

Sprucing up your bedroom shouldn’t be complex.

The master bedroom is probably the most intimate area in your home. This is where you can express your creativity, style and your personality. Bedrooms are now a lot more than places for getting dressed or sleeping so choose from stylish beds if you will. 

Expand the range of use for this room by adding an expansive closet space, a reading nook, or a private office. Adding features such as a fireplace will make a world of difference in terms of upping the air of romance. The fire screen can accentuate the fireplace, making the bedroom a lot more calming and interesting – perfect for a room meant for relaxation. 

McCreery's Home Furnishings is one of the best bedroom furniture stores Sacramento experts that can help achieve your romantic setup. 

Find Cozy Bedding

<img src=&quot;bedroom&quot; alt=&quot;bedroom with comfy bed, tufted headboard, upholstered bench, and other bedroom design elements &quot;>

What could be more relaxing than climbing onto a comfy bed with luxurious bedding? Find pillowcases and bed sheets that make you want to go to bed each night. If moon and constellation, dots and stripes make the kids marvel at night, then have their bedding designs come in these patterns.

Do you have a duvet that you want covered? It wouldn’t be wrong to experiment with some colors. If you want to splurge on your linen sheets then go for silk!

Silk pillowcases – would you believe – can make you a lot prettier in the morning? It may be myth for others but sleeping soundly through the night speeds up rejuvenation, hence, you look fresher when you wake up.

Yet, Again, the Light

<img src=&quot;pendant light&quot; alt=&quot;metallic pendant light&quot;>

There are many different ways that you can bring in light into the bedroom. You can begin by hanging mirrors or by replacing the doors of sliding closets with mirrored ones. These should bounce the light throughout the room, making it a lot brighter than it really is.

Creating a fancy and romantic bedroom can also be as easy as installing lighting fixtures with Swarovski crystals. These will be the perfect rainbow projectors for your private space. You will be amazed at how the lovely rainbows will dance around your room.

‘Not a huge fan of rainbows? Then try to project stars onto your ceiling instead. Salt lamps can also emit lovely light during the night. Salt is also good for your health as it clears away air-borne allergens such as pet dander, smoke or pollen.

If you want your bedroom to become more cheerful, then add some sparkles. This could be as easy as having a candle light reflected on your bedroom mirror. It can also be more elaborate such as adding crystal or glass chandelier.

‘Want it to be sassier? Then go bigger by adding curtains beaded with crystals in each window. Have the headboard decorated with crystal beads, drape a Moroccan wedding blanket at the foot of your bed, or just hang a mirror ball right above your bed.

Amorous Scents

<img src=&quot;scented candles&quot; alt=&quot;a pair of white, scented candles&quot;>

Your bedroom should not just look fantastic but also smell fantastic. It would be wrong for this room to smell musty. So it wouldn’t hurt to plug in that vacuum cleaner and to set up some scented candles. Some homeowners prefer oil burners to scented candles. Still others want those essential oils in humidifiers. Whichever way you choose to make your bedroom sweet-smelling, it really doesn’t matter. The bottom line is, you can sleep better if you clean up.

A huge part of any romantic home date is having dinner. This indoor event should highlight only the luxurious fine furniture, accessories, food and wine. 

Read about the Top 12 suggested wines for Valentine's Day on: 

5 Valentine's Day Ideas for Your Sacramento Home

Forget about paper products for now. Bring out the nice china and silverware as well as the cloth napkins. These can add an elegant touch to your planned romantic setup. Cap the dinner with a bottle of champagne and chocolates and you’re a runaway winner in the romantic department.

Once again, no romantic dinner is complete without the candles, vase of roses and soft music. Add these to your elegant dining fine furniture and chinaware to complete your romantic getaway project.

Remember these two words and you should be fine – soft and sensuous.

Most of the time, romance is all about being intimate. And very few activities would be more intimate than sharing a glass of champagne in one of the 10 idyllic settings above. 

V.  A Picturesque Outdoors 

How about bundling up to look up at the stars? You can have dinner at a romantically set up patio dining table and then cap the night by cuddling and enjoying the celestial lights at night. 

This romantic stargazing can be your me-time or a couple thing. This is a deeply romantic and free activity that can help you and your loved one reconnect. Allow Mother Nature to take your breath away. 

Sirius (Wikimedia Commons image by Mellostorm). 

This coming Sunday, Sirius, also known as  Alpha Canis Majoris will sparkle just like a diamond all-night-long. This is no less than the brightest star up on the sky and it will reach its highest point right over the southern horizon at 9:30 P.M. EST. 

Sirius is a white, hot A class star that is situated at 8.6 light-years from Earth. It is so close which is why it appears brilliant in the sky. 

Mark your calendar and be sure to enjoy this phenomenon on Valentine's Day. 

Did you like these five additional Valentine's Day ideas? Keep coming back for more exciting ideas throughout the week! 

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