White Sacramento Kitchen Design – Why Not?
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A lot of people are drawn to bold patterns and bright colors when it comes to furnishings in their kitchens and only a few even have an inkling of the beauty that a white Sacramento kitchen design can offer.

You cannot, of course, specify to use white materials for all your fixtures, fine furniture, and finishes. Doing so won’t finish your kitchen makeover task. Remember that this hue is not the most forgiving color, after all, don’t you automatically see even the most minute dirt or details when they are placed against a white backdrop?

White Sacramento Kitchen Design 2021


White easily reflects light. Compared to dark hues, it does not absorb light so it is best used in accentuating materials or keeping them right smack on the centerstage.

In the wrong hands, white can feel sterile, unwelcoming and too cold. If you have to use white, then find out which materials will make it less boring. Natural wood has a tendency to make white more interesting. Adding wood as a fine furniture or flooring, for instance, can add charm, warmth and character. Dashes of bold colors will also look great on a white backdrop. If you want a serene surrounding still with dashes of white, then use it together with tan, shades of beige, one of this year's Pantone Colors-Ultimate Gray- or any other neutral colors.

Why White? 

<img src=&quot;kitchen&quot; alt=&quot;red counter chairs fronting a wooden kitchen island in a white-colored kitchen&quot;>

The color white became quite popular in the mid-20s till 30’s. This was the sole color offered by all manufacturers then. If you would look back to those years, it makes a lot of sense because white was linked to health and sanitation, two things that were needful to keep the flu epidemic from spreading.

These days, though, times have changed. White is an enduring color, it is timeless, it is clean, but it can also show even the slightest amount of dirt.

The popularity of white wasn’t just used in fine furniture creation and in room painting. Even appliances that are colored white tend to outsell the colored ones. The number of white cabinets also made waves because people tend to favor this clean color for their cabinetry. Just think of white as a monochromatic means of beautifying any room.

White simply says no to going out of style.

Say Yes To A Kitchen Remodel 

<img src=&quot;kitchen&quot; alt=&quot;a white kitchen island with two, upholstered counter chairs, in the middle of a neutral-colored kitchen&quot;>

According to HGTV, the average price for kitchen remodeling sits within the $12,567 to $34,962 USD range. If you're remodeling a small kitchen, it can cost as little as $4,000 while the most lavish remodels can cost as much as $50,000. 

The white Sacramento kitchen design allows the homeowner to make his own personal touches. The accent colors, artwork and accessories will surely pop out if you use white as your canvas. If you are serious about using white on your upcoming kitchen remodel, then you have a lot of thinking to do. This is a color scheme that can stand the test of time as it will always look fresh and clean.

Psychologically, it has also been observed that white releases positive vibes. It can also visually add space which is great if you are stuck to design a small kitchen.

White is also the artist’s playground. It can feature artwork, framed photographs, wall sconces, fireplaces, and just about anything that you would want to highlight.

White is also highly available when you are out to find tiles, sinks, faucets, even appliances. There are also white countertops, shelves, even white concrete.

White is the ultimate canvas.

Should You Do An All White? 

The answer is – of course not. You can still have stainless steel appliances even when you have a kitchen painted white. The key to keeping this color exciting is to balance it with the rest of the theme. Be sure to scale your options properly so that white still remains the dominant color in your white kitchen.

Canadel Gourmet Collection in Your White Sacramento Kitchen Design

White Kitchen Focal Points: The Kitchen Island

<img src=&quot;kitchen&quot; alt=&quot;a red kitchen island in the middle of a white-colored kitchen&quot;>

McCreery's Home Furnishings suggests this lovely tomato red kitchen island by Canadel Furniture as your stylish, bold focal point. Made with the same sturdy woods grown in Canada and then handcrafted by the best furniture makers, you're in for a wonderful visual treat. 

White Kitchen Focal Points: The Gourmet Dining Set

<img src=&quot;dining area&quot; alt=&quot;white dining area with a white dining set&quot;>

Adding a complete dining table and set of chairs in your white Sacramento kitchen design is a great way to fuse the heart of your Sacramento home with the dinette, breakfast nook, or salle a manger that you're pining for. 

White Kitchen Lighting Fixtures by Uttermost

<img src=&quot;pendant light&quot; alt=&quot;metal pendant light&quot;>

Here is Uttermost's Adelino, One Light PendantHand forged metal finished in a rust silver finish with slight dents for a vintage recycled appeal. 1-60 watt st64 antique style bulb included. Uttermost's light fixtures combine premium quality materials with unique high-style design.

<img src=&quot;pendant light&quot; alt=&quot;metallic pendant lighting fixture&quot;>

We also highly recommend the Uttermost Albiano, One Light Mini Pendant that has complex tonalities of metallic oxidation enriching its classic, simple shape



If you're ready for a white Sacramento kitchen design, then go ahead and pay our furniture showroom a visit. Our talented Sacramento interior designers are waiting to provide the best service to meet your requirements. 

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