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Why Copper Is Super Hot Year In and Year Out
Stylize Your Home This Fall with the Natural Beauty of Copper

There is no denying that metal is really hot in the interior design industry these days, even in Sacramento. Trendsetters know this and so they’ve come up with the best concoctions and pairings for metal furniture pieces and metallic accessories. Copper is one of the most used metallic elements throughout the globe - and this certainly includes your Sacramento interior design.

How you eventually feel about copper rests entirely with the current design of your home. Those who embrace traditional to modern designs would instantly feel at home with the use of copper. 

<img src=&quot;copper pendant.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;copper pendant.&quot;>

How to Use Copper in A Home Design Sacramento Project

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For thousands of years now, copper has been used in designing homes. This beautiful metal is slowly becoming more and more popular with the passing of each year, with designers now bringing its cool texture yet warm tones to homes’ interiors ranging from Mid-century to contemporary designs. Copper has the capacity to add a unique, stylish touch to a home which - unsurprisingly - makes it a go-to metallic theme or accent. 

If you’ve fallen in love with this red-brown metal with a shiny coat, then you should seriously consider using it in your interior design Sacramento project. Every year seems to be the perfect year for this type of metal that’s mined in open pits. The world of interior design isn’t quite finished with this charming metal as it continues to use its lustrous beauty for decades. 

Copper has also been used in home and building construction and décor for thousands of years. This is an element that’s a known conductor of electricity. But it’s not just a piping or wiring material. It is malleable and it offers a lovely red-orange shine when properly polished that it can transform your home improvement Sacramento project in a snap.

Copper in Country Interior Design 


Country interior design boasts of a traditional and homey feel. You would want to find warmer metal pieces for this type of interior which is why copper is perfect here. 

Be careful with using too much metal, though, as you might break the Old World charm that defines the country style. Copper is the right metallic element to use here because it is neither too bold nor unnatural.

Add vintage decors such as pans, pots, and fixtures in your Sacramento kitchen design.

Country style is also about decadence. Polished faucets inside bathrooms and kitchens and crystal chandeliers in dining areas lend instant glamour.

Copper is the greatest choice for rustic, laidback country habitats. If you are not ready to trade the current look of your kitchen for a full-on copper theme, then displaying rows of copper pots should provide the same mesmerizing effect. If you simply don't know how to begin, then consult with professional kitchen design experts on Designer on Demand

Copper in the Kitchen and Bathroom 

Did you know that bacteria don’t thrive on copper which makes it the best choice for fixtures and sinks? Did you also know that bacteria die in just a few hours after residing on copper? There isn’t even a need to use soap or chemical agents to clean the surface of this metal. All these are according to the American Society for Microbiology

Learn more about the antimicrobial properties of copper

Two of the classic rooms where copper is used are the bathroom and kitchen. Hammered copper sink, pots, and pans offer an Old World look. This is also true with showerheads and faucets.

Copper elements and copper piping are great for homeowners who embrace the contemporary look. To add to all these wonderful features, copper is also a recyclable, sustainable material.

It is still fancy to decorate with farmhouse faucets as well as stove hood vent. The shiny rose finish is what makes this metal an awesome addition to your kitchen.

An expert custom kitchen designer can help you harmonize all these elements so that nothing looks out of place. 

Keep in mind that those copper pots and pans are no longer just functional, they have also become decorative in the process. These pieces effortlessly give your kitchen a rustic look. Just make sure that you maintain the gleaming finish so that the style stays, too.

But don’t just limit your kitchen to just the copper pots, pans, and faucets, though. There is a lot more to copper than just these pieces. You can also go further with a copper-colored sink. You can also use copper-clad glasses, mugs, decanters, and corkscrews.

Copper kettle, anyone? Do away with the stainless steel and go for something more exceptional.

There is no need to be bound to brushed nickel, stainless steel, or shiny bronze. Apart from using copper in fixtures and sinks, you can add some flair to the bathroom or kitchen when you use copper hardware including hinges, cupboard door handles, and other such touches.

Stovetop hoods and tile backsplashes can now be done away with. You can add substantial touches of copper in these areas. Mirrors with copper frames can provide a gilded elegance. It will be the anchor to the copper fixtures, showers, and sink.

Remember that each piece is timeless but if you want copper to be the star of the show, then have a copper countertop installed. You will have the benefit of having a bacteria-free countertop because,  as you already know, copper is bacteriostatic. This unique countertop is sure to become a vivid complement to the décor in the kitchen (or even the bathroom if you’re using tiles).

 Copper Care Tips 

          1.  Be sure to clean the copper pot, pan, or even your bathtub, with soap and water before polishing.

         2. Over time, you will find that copper - just like brass and silver - develops tarnish (a layer of corrosion). This is due to air and water exposure. Keep tarnish at bay by polishing your copperware every six months with a copper cleaner. Natural remedies include ketchup (rubbed directly), lemon juice and baking soda solution, and vinegar and salt (create a paste). 

           Or you can also just choose to embrace the patina if you're not a fan of polishing pots and pans every few months. 

         3.  Do not use any abrasive product. 

         4.  Never put copper pots and pans in the dishwasher. 

         5.  Never heat a dry copper pot or pan. 

         6.  Repair damaged parts immediately. 

Copper Pendant 

<img src=&quot;seating area.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;two upholstered chairs with a copper pendant above them.&quot;>

Quality lighting has the power to make or break your Sacramento interior design. The initial step in looking for the best lighting for a home is to decide which kind of lighting fixtures to install. More and more homeowners are buying pendant lighting because of their beauty and versatility.

Pendant lighting can be used in either contemporary or traditional homes. This is the perfect accent to cap the look in a room. It can be hung high or low and it has a wide array of options.

Copper pendant lighting is best in illuminating areas that need concentrated lighting. It is not harsh to the eyes because it is both decorative and easy to look at. Even the moodiest room will look attractive with any copper pendant.

If the pendant light is a little too decorative for you, then you can also opt for the glow of the bedside lamp. The copper-inspired table lamp can be placed on a dining room buffet, by the bedside, and the living area.

Copper Fusions 

<img src=&quot;bed.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;bed with mattress and copper finish.&quot;>

Headboard Height61.00"
Footboard Height28.75"
Available SizesQueenKing
Copper can also work with undertones of red, orange, rose, or brass. Copper is a kind of metal that can effortlessly transition from the indoors to the outdoors. Siding, pipes, and tiles all can have touches of copper. It also has a wonderful patina as it ages. This is a material that you can live with for a very, very, very long time.

How about copper and stainless steel in one room?

Why not? 

You can actually harmonize these seemingly warring metals by giving them the same finish. Exposed copper pipes against black tiles and wallpaper all harmonize to achieve a focal point for a powder room.

When you are considering the application for materials on your external walls, make sure to think of three things – how the material would react with the wall, where it will be attached, and how it will adhere to the wall surface.

A perforated copper sheeting is an awesome application that can add visual interest, dimension, and texture. The perforations will allow evaporation, thus, you won’t have issues with mold and mildew.

Copper and stainless steel can both be hammered thin so they can be shaped into different forms. 

Copper Accents

<img src=&quot;metal sculpture.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;metallic sculpture with an antique copper finish .&quot;>

25"H X 16.5"W X 5.75"D

Adding copper to your home’s décor would render it seemingly instantly renovated. A major physical overhaul is what it would look like as copper is used in vases, plant pots, lamps, even wall art. Sculptures with copper elements are now a growing trend. The market is filled with abstract to modern sculptures that would match any home.

Copper patio furniture and fountains can also bring your desired look in your patio and porches. Foyers and entryways would also benefit with a hint or two of copper.

If you long to give your space a dose of style that is far from overpowering, then copper can be your go-to element. You can add some glossy, copper candelabra, or some wall clocks with copper finish.  

Copper can make your room appear more stunning. Just incorporate a copper accent or two. A lot of copper pieces aren’t good, too, as they could make the room look like a metal shop. Use some copper wall décor such as pressed tiles, plaques, or some copper-lined mirrors. These will surely bring out the warmth in the room.

So, are you inspired to use copper in your Sacramento interior design now? The great news is that we're holding a fine furniture sale event that can give you huge discounts on your furniture purchase. Take a Virtual Tour of our showroom now! 


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