Can You Successfully Set Up A Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner In Your Home?
McCreery's Home Furnishings Teaches the Five Steps!

This is the third day that we're giving you some Valentine's Day ideas and we're excited to bring this next installment. Hearts’ Day is all about having a special day to celebrate with your loved one. Many prefer to go out to wine and dine but these are very different times so everyone's prepping to stay at home instead and prep a special Valentine's Day dinner there.  Believe it or not, it could become a great way to connect with your spouse.

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5 Steps to that Super Romantic Dinner 

A romantic dinner right in your own home might not be your first idea to celebrate during this special day but, believe it or not, it is also something that you can make exciting.

01.  Dress Up

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Staying at your Sacramento home doesn’t mean that you should forget about dressing up for the event. Make this occasion special even when you won’t have to deal with a huge crowd or waiters in tux.

Allow your personality to still shine through but not to the point that you end up overwhelming your date. So go ahead and bring out those silks, skirts, and high heels. For the guys, this occasion merits a tie so be sure to wear one.

02.  Set Up a Romantic Table

<img src=&quot;dining set&quot; alt=&quot;round, glass and wood table with wooden, upholstered dining chairs>

Be sure to cover your Canadel dining set with a cream-colored linen cloth. Have the silverware wrapped in nothing but the best (cloth napkins). Be sure to tie them with a ribbon (preferably red because of its significance to the occasion).

The Canadel dining table display must be kept low so that you can look beyond the flower vases. Don’t forget to bring in some taper candles for your romantic, candlelit dinner. Should you feel the need to add more light, then you can just set up other candles near or around the table.


Be sure to use unscented candles only so that they will not affect the flavors of the foods that will be prepared.

Use only the fanciest tableware. You can also create a centerpiece of floating tea lights or fresh flowers. Before serving anything, warm the plates in the microwave.

03.  Play Some Mood Music

Be sure to prepare a romantic music playlist for that special evening. Choose from classical or jazz music, whichever you both like, this should be an awesome evening so choose the pieces that will play softly in the dreamy background.


04.  Serve a Scrumptious Dinner

<img src=&quot;dining set&quot; alt=&quot;yellow floral themed dining chairs and a wooden rectangular table&quot;>

Just as you prepped the dining area as well as the music that will be playing, you also need to make a plan for the delicious meal. Make sure that the dishes you prepare are those that you both enjoy.

Ideas include scalloped oysters, filet mignon, roasted duck or grilled lamb chops. If you’re feeling experimental, then you can go ahead and try other recipes for your special dinner. If you can, you can also prepare the meal together, making the foods served even more special.


Keep the food portions small so that you can have the leisure of sampling everything. This is not a night to overstuff yourself even with the most delicious foods.

And what’s a dinner without a sweet dessert?

Choose a decadent dessert that you will share with your beloved. You can have molten chocolate cake, cheesecake, cream puff or any sweet pastry.

05.  Pick the Best Wine

<img src=&quot;wine cabinet&quot; alt=&quot;metal and wood wine cabinet&quot;>

Since it’s a celebration of your love, what could be more apt than champagne? Keep the tradition going by drinking champagne. Be like European royalty who view this sparkling beverage as a status symbol.

Get champagne plus a few more bottles of choice wines that would go with the kind of food that you would serve. White wine is typically paired with chicken or fish while the darker wines such as Merlot are eaten with duck, red meat, grilled foods, and pasta.

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