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Christmas Dinner: Traditional or Exotic to Cap the Year?
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Christmas is a special season for so many reasons and this isn’t so just because of the wreaths or mistletoe, Santa Claus figurines, or updating your Sacramento interior design. Let's accept it - Christmas is Christmas because of the beautiful traditions that are being observed all over the world.

A Diverse Christmas Menu: 10 Unique Dishes to Choose From


Now that we’re celebrating Christmas, you might want to borrow some interesting foods served in different countries during this festive season.

Here are some foods that you might consider adding to your Christmas menu this year: 

01.  French Coquilles Saint-Jacques

                               Coquille Saint-Jacques Wikimedia Commons image. 

Coquilles Saint-Jacques from France is a dish comprising of scallops, cheese and herbs. These are then served as appetizers in little shells. Imagine your guests’ reaction to this unique appetizer. Try pronouncing its name and you’d be esteemed as an expert chef!

<img src=&quot;dining room&quot; alt=&quot;dining room designed with a wooden, rectangular table and black, spindle back chairs.&quot;>

Featured Dining Set: Canadel Collection 

02.  Italy's Feast of the Seven Fishes 


Feast of the Seven Fishes is a heavenly dish made with linguine, clams, calamari, and shrimp scampi.

This dish is meant to commemorate Jesus Christ’s birth according to Italian tradition.

<img src=&quot;dining room&quot; alt=&quot;dining room with glass walls; wooden, round dining table; and rust and gray upholstered chairs&quot;>
Canadel's Downtown Collection is fine furniture with subtle curves and angular lines. 

03.  Mexican Chiles en Nogada 

 <img src=&quot;chiles en nogada&quot; alt=&quot;Chiles en Nogada on a plate&quot;>

Chiles en nogada is a Mexican festive dish comprised of fire-roasted Poblano peppers stuffed with meat. These are then covered with a creamy walnut sauce and garnished with pomegranate seed.

<img src=&quot;dining chair&quot; alt=&quot;side view of an upholstered, navy blue dining chair beside a wooden dining table laden with glassware and chinaware&quot;>

Canadel Furniture offers over 200 table designs and 1,000 chair options. 

Get the Chiles en Nogada recipe here

04.  Russian Zakuski 


Zakuski is an array of appetizers from Russia just like the Mediterranean mezze. It can be a meal starter or it can be the main meal. Flavors that are often used are Georgian and Scandinavian because Russians love the dishes coming from these regions. 

Zakuski can also be as simple as a fish appetizer that features salty and sour flavors highlighted by vodka shots.

05.  Venezuelan Hallacas 

 A Wikimedia Commons image of Hallacas (by DanielVenezuela16) 

The Venezuelan Hallacas are stuffed with a mixture of peppers, capers, raisins, and different meats. They are then wrapped in plantain and maize leaves. Expect spice, sweetness, and saltiness rolled into one.

<img src=&quot;dining room&quot; alt=&quot;dining room with a rectangular, wooden table; eight, white, upholstered chairs; and other design elements.&quot;>

Canadel Furniture's Champlain Collection, here, spells country chic.

Get the Hallacas recipe here

06.  German Stollen

A public domain image of Stollen. 

The German Stollen is their own version of the traditional fruitcake complete with rum spices and a unique sugary coating. What could be more satisfying than having the spices compete with the sweetness of the coating? Your palate becomes a pleasant battleground of flavors.

<img src=&quot;buffet&quot; alt=&quot;a wooden buffet with glass panels&quot;>
Canadel Furniture is handcrafted fine furniture from Canada. 

07.  Italian Ceia de Natal 

Yet another Italian dish, Ceia de Natal is a turkey feast made special with champagne and spice marinade. Get the recipe here


08.  The Philippine Bibingka 


The Philippine Bibingka is a flat cake that’s served on banana leaves. It is garnished with grated coconut and a pat of butter. Enjoy this delicacy with your family as you casually sit around the Canadel butcher block style kitchen island. 

<img src=&quot;kitchen island&quot; alt=&quot;butcher block style kitchen island&quot;>

09.  Japanese Christmas Cake 


In Japan, the traditional Christmas cake is served on Christmas Eve. This is a sponge cake frosted with heavy whipped cream, and decorated with chocolates, strawberries, and seasonal fruits. 

<img src=&quot;dining room&quot; alt=&quot;spacious dining room with a long, rectangular wooden table; 10 spindle back chairs; and a pair of upholstered chairs.&quot;>
Canadel Furniture is made of quality North American wood. 

10.  Here's More...

With some guests coming in this Christmas, it’s best to have extra storage and serving surface for food. This buffet from Canadel Furniture's Loft Collection should be able to provide both: 

<img src=&quot;buffet&quot; alt=&quot;wooden buffet&quot;>

Christmas is delicious also when you serve special dishes or complete meals that have been traditionally enjoyed. Mince pies are a modern classic which are now replacing wholemeal bagel, cranberry sauce and strawberry jam.

Truffle oil still reigns supreme as does the greenish hint of kale. Culinary trends are fused with unique ingredients this year. All have the power to offer a tasty twist on your upcoming Christmas dinner.

The flavors that offer versatility such as the creamy texture of the pork belly must also be considered. Pork belly is a traditional Oriental ingredient especially among the Chinese. These days, this is an ingredient that’s not just found in Chinese menus anymore.

Your first choice should be roasted pork belly – it’s easy to make and the crispy skin is simply irresistible. This is also a wonderful alternative to ham if you’re willing to try something different.

Another traditional Christmas food is the pomegranate. This is mainly Turkish but with a twist of sweetness. It is also a super food that has potent antioxidants. Decorate your roast lamb, lamb and rocket salad, or almond salad with this fruit.

Who says Christmas dinner isn’t the right venue for a new venture such as an octopus dish? Lino Sauro, a winning chef from Sicily, just adds olive oil to the succulent tentacles of the octopus and what he’s achieved is one of the Sicilian favorite dishes. Sauro states that no Sicilian summer is complete without this special dish.

Octopus is both versatile and texture-rich so you can use it in just about any dish from pasta to salads. Braise the octopus with red wine then serve it with bone marrow and rice pasta.


But what are these dishes without a Canadel dining table to display them on, right? Choose the beauty of sleek metal for your modern theme or a hardwood ensemble for your rustic interiors to complete your Christmas interior design


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