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Top 10 Exciting Labor Day Activities

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the unpredictable events that happened during the spring and summer, and just as you’re getting settled into the new routine, it’s time for another holiday - Labor Day!

We have curated the top ten Labor Day activities (e.g. online shopping in a virtual furniture showroom, swimming, etc.) that you can enjoy with your family this upcoming long weekend.


Of Labor Day 2020, Our Furniture Showroom, and You  

We celebrate Labor Day every first Monday of September, since 1894, due to the labor movement and its undisputed dedication to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It resulted in a yearly national tribute to workers and what their strength, prosperity, and well-being can bring to our country.

1/10  Dip in the Pool

<img src=&quot;outdoor seating area.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;seating area with Sunbrella-covered sectional, blue upholstered chair, and colorful throws.&quot;>

Dip in a natural swimming hole if you have one near you. If you don’t, you can always do a makeshift pool with a full-on cabana, set up with chairs and loungers added to the deck that will make your day cozy and fun at the same time.

Crypton fabric is also fast becoming everyone’s go-to choice for fabric upholstery so look for outdoor furniture that has this name. You want something durable and stain resistance, and we got you covered.

2/10  Alfresco Dining

<img src=&quot;dining set by the deck.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;white outdoor dining set by the deck on the lake.&quot;>

Are you feeling fancy? You’re no stranger to labor these days. The extra cooking, cleaning, and parenting required to stay closer to home means that you deserve a fun holiday this year more than ever. 

Why don't you set up a pretty backyard dining area?

No need to come up with an excuse to avoid the dense crowds at popular picnic spots! Hang out (worry-free!) in your backyard with an easy picnic setup. The best part about being that close to your house is that you can bring out some of your prettier pieces without fear of them getting broken in transit.

Speak of comfortable, the Manning Round Dining Table, above, (Starting at $ 2,449.00) is perfect with a mix of clean-lined modern design and traditional silhouettes. Only the best furniture stores in Sacramento carry this lovely piece.

3/10 Set Up A Backyard Movie Theater

Wait until the cool of the late afternoon when the lighting is just right and set up an outdoor movie theater. Add cozy seating on your lawn with throws and blankets if you want to go all-out, pack a basket with popcorn and milk duds, and string up light for extra ambiance. 

Spice up your relationship with your spouse and reminisce about some of the mundane activities you used to do as a young couple. You can also find a drive-in movie theater near you. Bring the whole family along while enjoying popcorn and soda from your car’s safety and comfort. 

4/10 Set Up A Reading Nook

A responsibility-free afternoon, or even a few minutes, is bliss. But suppose we dedicate spaces in our homes to peaceful activities, such as reading a novel, working through a stack of magazines, or even putting on a mud mask and meditating?

In that case, they can serve as reminders to slow down and find time for self-care amid hectic schedules. This coming Labor Day is a great time to start working on your reading nook. 

Although a soft chair, plush throw pillow, and ottoman is an invitation to crack open a favorite read, a reading nook is a place where you can sit and take a breath. It should be a corner, or if you like, an entire room of your home dedicated to your bibliophilism and unique personality.

What are the things that make you feel comfortable? Is it a warm, handwoven throw blanket? A small side table filled with books, pictures, and flowers? Perhaps it’s being surrounded by a veritable indoor jungle of houseplants.

Remember to choose a chair that will help your back posture, or if you’re ready to buy your recliner, the American Leather recliner is your best option.

Here are some inspiring spaces to get you started:

  • Incorporate soft materials or even mattresses that provide support

  • Create a reading nook for two

  • Include a bookshelf

  • Weave in a pop of color

  • Place your nook in a bedroom corner

  • Make it a spot for impromptu naps

  • Display a gallery wall

  • Add houseplants

  • Set a reading nook in a wall

5/10 Tackle A Home Improvement Project


Whether you're just decluttering your home or checking for some cosmetic issues that you can fix with your Sacramento interior design, tackling your long-overdue remodeling projects is a productive way of spending your Labor Day.  

What are the rooms that you usually think of remodeling? You need to assess individual needs for your Sacramento interior design carefully. For example, the entryway is the first thing people see when entering your home so does this need a wall mirror or an accent piece?

Or both? 

A pantry is a place where you’ll go to every single day. And what about the laundry room? That’s a space that a guest will probably not see, but you’re going to spend quite some time there, and it would be better if it didn’t feel dull and uncomfortable. 

Rather than paying for a  contractor or handyman’s service for tasks like upgrading our paint color of a room or deep cleaning your patio, use this weekend to complete these projects yourself. You could invite your friends for a free labor day party to help you achieve your home improvements. 

6/10 Turn On the Sprinklers

Younger members of your family and even adults love the feel and fun through a sprinkler for a good reason. On Labor Day, bring out your inner child and lead them for a fun run. Don’t forget to try to keep that thrilled smile on your face.

7/10 Test A New Pizza Recipe

<img src=&quot;pizza.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;slices of pizza on a wooden surface.&quot;>

This is perfect for fun in the sun! When it comes to pizza, our options are unlimited, so take advantage of Labor Day to finally put your new recipe to the test. You could make pizza dough from scratch or buy one to-go. Whether you like the super-thick crust or a nice and crispy one, you'll never go wrong with this scrumptious dish.

Try this: Topped with fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, and chives, this Italian classic makes it worthwhile to turn your oven on in the September heat. 

Or this: Roasted pepper and spicy sausage grilled pizza from Chowhound and watch everyone’s faces swoon with excitement. Click here for the complete ingredients and procedure.

Add one or two ingredients of your choosing while you lounge in your favorite outdoor chair that you got from the best among the furniture stores in Sacramento.

Our Designer on Demand feature is there so that an expert designer can listen to your vision and add one, two, or more pro tips. 

8/10 Labor Day Staycation

<img src=&quot;staycation.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;a couple stays are seated in the living room with their dog on the floor.&quot;>

Labor Day weekend is typically a bittersweet holiday concluding the summer. This means the end of bonfires, beach days, and barbecues. With the school year getting started, many families prefer to celebrate the long weekend by organizing a staycation. 

Whether you’ve chosen a staycation because traveling isn’t in your agenda this year or quaranteaming has become the trend, this is a relaxing time to plan easy activities this weekend in the comfort of your own home.

9/10 Meditate


Just relax - and this is a commandment. So what if you spend the entire weekend just relaxing? What matters is that you're happy and that your mind and body have rested from their usual day-to-day activities. If you're up for it, you can also meditate so that you'll be fully rejuvenated by the time you get back to work.

10/10 Online Shopping


Did you know that furniture and other house appliances are usually on sale around Labor Day? Now you have the perfect excuse to buy that cocktail table as your furniture Sacramento piece. You definitely need it for the string of holiday gatherings.

So this is your perfect time to do your Sacramento furniture shopping. We have an ongoing Fine Furniture Design Closeout Sale and American Leather Comfort Sleeper Sale at McCreery's from September 4th until October 4th. Clean out your home spaces to make way for our Pre-Holiday major sale events!

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