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Are You Ready to Update Your Window Treatments for 2020?
The 10 Smart Ways to Decorate Like a Pro

Have you ever awakened with the sun directly shining at your eyes? A bare window does not just let the natural light flood in but it can also make a space look incomplete and cold. The addition of fabric brings class, luxury, and softness into a room. And there are very few things that can make a space more beautiful or that would deliver a high-end and look than the right window treatments.

McCreery’s Home Furnishings window treatments provide functional and visual appeal. A room can be set up with proper light management, energies, and privacy through the correct use of elegant window treatments. Many designers & decorators agree that drapes and curtains offer a soothing look. They have the power to make a home look livelier with the colors, prints, and fabrics that they bring into the space.

Here’s a little history on the first coverings that were used by humans. The earliest cave opening coverings are made of – believe it or not – the membranes and hides of animals.  Ancient people also used fur while the Egyptians from the early 3100 BC already invented curtains driven by their need to cover their homes in the hot desert.

The Egyptians used papyrus not only as a food source, or the raw material for rope, boxes, sandals, mats, baskets, toys, and many more. Their window shades were also made from this material.

It is believed by some that Persian slaves who were freed and who migrated from Venice all the way to France helped in spreading the knowledge of crafting Venetian blinds. Venetian blinds have horizontal slats but the design that the world knows today was developed only in 1794.

Austrian blinds, on the other hand, are blinds that are a fusion of the two popular types of blinds the Roman and the festoon. The festoon blinds are the inspiration for the bunched look that blinds now have while Roman blinds are simple in terms of mechanism. Austrian blinds started to appear during the 18th century and were crafted right at the base of the festoon blinds. They've become so fashionable in many Austrian courts which are known for their splendor and grandeur.

Fast forward to modern-day and there are now different kinds of window fashions that will suit you home design Sacramento style.

These elegant window treatments are made from different materials such as fabric, wood, and many more.

There is no doubt that window treatment styles play a huge role in making or breaking your home design Sacramento style. The role now of the interior designer or the homeowner is to pick the correct color of fabrics that are suitable for the room palette.

Another one of the window fashions are eyelets that are contemporary headings of curtains that use metallic eyelets fixed at the top of the curtains. These allow the curtains to move from side to side while on the pole. These are what you use when you want to have a minimalist and uncluttered style.

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Window Treatments Sacramento Style 2020

So what are the hottest trends for window treatments this 2020? We are already halfway through the year but it wouldn't hurt if you set up a new interior design Sacramento look. This is no less than the beginning of a new decade so it is the perfect moment to update your Sacramento home design by hanging elegant window treatments.

Planned Home Improvement

One of the hottest window treatment styles for this year include well-planned home improvements. If you just turn on your television you would see that home improvement shows are hot at the moment. All of these popular shows such as Love It or List It and  Fixer Upper show how an old, dilapidated house can still be restored to endure from this year and even for many more years. Most of the renovations might center on modern interior design but your preferences will still dictate the foundational style of your Sacramento home.

Traditional Window Treatments

You can infuse traditional window treatments such as box pleat, pinch pleat, or pencil pleat, which are all curtains that look great in dated homes. Make good use of curtain rods and brackets that can hold up to 20 lbs of lightweight curtains and even some heavy drapes. These are the perfect choices for the family’s next home improvement projects.

Use in Open Floor Layout

Another hot window fashion is to let the light into an open floor plan home. The past few years showed the shift to minimalist homes and open floor plans indicating the desire for more light, flexible space, and outdoor views. You too can embrace the openness by inviting more natural light in and by adding sheer and lightweight window treatments to open curtains so your space lets in a breeze. Use sheers or window blinds to accentuate a wide window with a picturesque view.

Yet again, do not forget to install a stylish curtain rod that will complement your current home theme.

Classic Blue Is In

A third style that you can incorporate is a coastal palette where you get to use Pantone's 2020 Color of the Year, Classic Blue. As you use those coastal hues, designers suggest whites, blues, and a bit of yellows, and fresh greens.

Use a classic blue accent on your window treatments, accessories, and pillows so you're able to pull the room together and create a tranquil and peaceful vibe.

The Super Fashionable Shutters

These are no less than the quickest growing category for blinds products. They are classic, stylish, and even offer privacy to a home. Soften the look of the shutters by adding drapes or curtains. The curtain rods are supposed to be long enough so that the shutters can easily open and close.

Texture Is In

The delicious textures that are offered by wicker and rattan furniture have made a huge comeback in recent years. It's not too late to embrace this trend. Just add woven shades for a more casual and textured look. Dozens of colors and weaves are available for your picking.

If you prefer the traditional style, you can add Hunter Douglas window blinds that have been decorated with a contrasting curtain or drape.

Motorize ‘Em Window Treatments

Another hot item on the list is motorized blinds and curtains if you want to go high tech. These are exciting additions to device controlled homes, meaning, you can activate the window treatments using a remote control, Google devices, or even your smartphone. Expect to invest anywhere from $300 to $1000 for every window depending on its size and the type of window treatment that you would like to install.

Go Cordless

Say goodbye to the cords that are hanging from the blinds because another trend is the cordless lift style that increases safety. The cordless window treatments are not difficult to use and they are the safest choice when decorating the baby room plus you even give the windows a more modern and clean look.

These are the hottest items when it comes to window fashions this year. Find out how you can incorporate the looks in your home. And here are your winning options for window treatments in your Sacramento home.

Hunter Douglas  Window Treatments

Hunter Douglas Shutters

According to Wikipedia, a window shutter is a solid and stable window covering usually consisting of a frame of vertical styles and horizontal rails. These can be fixed or operable louvers or they can be vertical or horizontal. They may also contain fabric, solid panels, glass, and just about any material that can be mounted in a frame.

Shutters are used for different reasons including natural light control, the provision of privacy and security, and to protect the home against bad weather. Some even use it to enhance the look of their building or homes.

Interior shutters are often divided into hinged, narrow units that are positioned like an accordion. Two or even more units cover every window. Operable shutters are controlled by a rod or tilt bar but you can adjust them so that they are in a uniform position to control airflow and light visibility. These are what people refer to as traditional shutters.

Plantation shutters or California shutters are typically used in regions with warmer climates such as Australia, Florida, South Africa, the Mediterranean, and good old California.

Hunter Douglas Blinds

One of the most common window fashions is window blinds. Since you are probably already familiar with how blinds operate, how they look, and even what materials they are made of, let’s just use this opportunity to learn how to layer these window treatments.

When you are layering the curtains with blinds, remember to have ample contrast so that the two layers do not clash. Choose hard window treatments as a base layer. Your options include wood blinds or shutters while soft window treatments options include cellular shades, Roman shades, and roller shades.

As you layer the curtains on top, any solid or pattern should work well or harmonize with the neutral finishes. Find a drapery print or color that will match the finish such as throw pillows or an area rug. If you are feeling daring, you can fuse two prints with one having a larger scale and the other a more delicate scale. Combine, for instance, pinstripes with bold floral.


<img src=&quot;capelarearug.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;Capel Inc. Area Rug&quot;> 


You can also layer sheer and solid curtains to beautify the Hunter Douglas blinds. Use curtain rods so that the treatments move independently Giving you more leeway to control the lights and breeze as needed.

Hunter Douglas Woven Woods

Woven wood shades also known as bamboo shades are a natural and attractive alternative to many popular window treatments. This is available in different materials including reeds, bamboo, and grasses. Wood shades can easily add style and texture to your interior design Sacramento home.  

Add warmth as well as character to your home with wood shades and pay homage to Mother Nature. Whether you are a traditionalist or a modernist, there is a woven woods window treatment that can be paired to your home. What can be a more organic design than this?

The Hunter Douglas Duette (Honeycomb)

Honeycomb blinds are effective in blocking the heat of the sun, especially during this summer season. And don't think that they are useless during winter because they can also keep the cold air out during those frigid months.

In the summer months, you can conserve air conditioning as you install Hunter Douglas honeycomb blinds as insulation for increased energy efficiency.

Honeycomb blinds have a small profile. As the fabric is raised, the shade gathers at the top. The size varies depending on your window requirements.

Apart from offering better insulation honeycomb blinds also provide increased privacy. With the multiple layers, the rays of the sun are effectively blocked out, for an additional level of privacy. It also has noise-canceling features which are great for neighborhoods with constant outside noise. Now you can enjoy the calm and quiet environment of your Sacramento home.

Just be sure to regularly dust the honeycomb blinds so that allergies are kept at bay.

Hunter Douglas honeycomb blinds are structured with cells in different sizes. For instance, there are 3/8 inch and 9/16 inch depending on your size requirement. Of course the thicker the cells, the greater insulation they are able to provide.

 Hunter Douglas Roman Shades

While full-length drapery has a reputation for drama and class, it may not be the best choice for each home. When you want a more streamlined style, the Roman shades are the perfect fabric window covering that you can install.

They are less fuzzy, less tricky, and more modern looking than any of the window treatment styles.

Roman shades offer a streamlined look that goes well with upholstered furniture. It is because they are pretty much straightforward in terms of style.

Go for light to medium weight fabric when choosing a material for your Roman shades. This is because you would want the folds to lie neatly on top of each other as opposed to having thicker fabrics molding into one thick bunch.

Ask a window treatment specialist to test the viability of the fabric by folding it a couple of times just so you can have an idea of how it will react when molded. A fabric that does not lie flat is not the best option.

Pick from a relaxed or constructed overall style with the former having no rigid supports in it. This allows the fabric to lower gently using its own weight creating the curves at the bottom of the roman shades as they are raised.

The constructed Roman shades, on the other hand, come with sewn-in rods, dowels, or battens creating a rigid appearance that appears straight at the bottom of the shades. You may add rods on every fold depending on what look you desire to achieve.

Remember that not all shades have to be lined. If you want the modern Roman shades to appear simple, then select a fabric that is visually light. The lining is a secondary fabric that can be sewn at the back of your face material.

Your choice of fabric depends largely on what room the Roman shades are going to be installed in. If it's a bedroom, then it is common to use a blackout lining.  See if you can also add interlining which is also beneficial for a few fabrics. Interlinings are materials that are a bit thicker and are sandwiched between the face fabric and the lining.  If you want to use silk and you want that to shimmer, then interlining is the perfect material that will add body.

The Roman shades can be controlled by a continuous loop system, cord, and cleat, or the integrated electric motor.  Motorized Roman shades offer convenience since they can be operated with just a single press on the bottom and can be programmed to preset positions. You will need to invest in this solution if you want the most convenient kind of window treatment.

The big question now is where will you mount the Roman shades? Will you mount them inside or outside of your window frames? At times there may not be enough space within the window frame that can hold the shade so the answer to this question depends on your home's architecture.

Modern homes look good with the shades mounted outside and going all the way to the top of the walls. This gives a visual height that is pretty useful in improving the look of your habitat.

Here are some more photographs of previous window treatment projects -

<img src=windowtreatment.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;ceiling to floor length window treatments&quot;>

<img src=&quot;valancecurtains.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;valance curtain framing the neutral blinds.&quot;> <img src=&quot;bedwindowtreatment.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;window treatments in a bedroom&quot;>

Ask Help from a Window Treatment Specialist

I am Sue Van Den Broeke, a window treatment specialist, who can help you sort through the books of fabrics for your custom fabric panels. I can also guide you in choosing the right sizes for your drapery poles, the hardware that is going to be used, the finishes, as well as the finial style. You wouldn't have to worry about installing the curtains because we provide experienced installers.


If you need more help from our window treatment specialists, they are on standby to assist you in your quest to stylizing your Sacramento home. Book an appointment now. 

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Melissa Webb

Melissa brings over 22 years of experience in the Interior Design field, 10 years of which she was a senior designer at Ethan Allen. Melissa has been featured in both Home Magazine and The Sacramento Bee for her residential designs.

Sue Van Den Broeke

Sue brings over 13 years experience in the furniture/design field, including thorough knowledge of Hunter Douglas products and beautiful custom window treatments. In addition, using her art background (i.e., drawing, oil painting, etc), Sue has the ability to bring a balance of colors and textures to their rooms/projects.

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