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Cool, Bold Summer Window Treatments Sacramento
Styles and Techniques Worth Echoing in Your California Home

Would you want to boost the look of your home? Most of the time, homeowners look into having walls torn down or painting an entire room but, when you look at it, changing the look of your habitat is as easy as using the right window treatments Sacramento style.

You will be inspired by the different window fashions and window treatment styles evident in beautiful drapes, valances, shades, and curtains featured here. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and experiment with these different window elements.  

Learn the window treatment terms such as by Roman shades, balloon shade, box-pleat valance, and more. You are about to find out why these window treatments Sacramento terms will soon change the look of your home.

Window Treatments Sacramento Purposes


Did you know that the kind of fabric used in a window treatment is just as crucial as the design of the treatment itself? Window treatments come in all sorts of materials from sheer fabrics to silk. They also have different functions though, primarily, they are used to dress up the windows and provide a little (or a lot of) privacy.

Living in Sacramento also means that there are certain times during the day when the sun’s rays enter your home so having curtains or drapes should be a priority.

Now that you know the basic functions of elegant window treatments, your priority is to pick one that will provide the function that you require. Would you want to have some privacy but still have ample light during the day? Or would you want to have a decent shuteye and have the window treatments drawn while you take a long rest?

Window Treatments: Terminology

There are three window treatment categories.

Hard window treatments are blinds, shades, and shutters that are made of hard materials such as vinyl or wood.

Soft window treatments are curtains, sheers, drapes, valances, swaths, Roman shades, etc.

Layered window treatments are a combination of both.

Here are some of the window coverings Sacramento pieces that you could use in your cheerful, sunny home this summer –

<img src=&quot;floralcurtainsinroom.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;The floral curtains were used as window treatments in the earthy, grounded room.&quot;>


Window Curtains for Home

<img src=&quot;sheercurtain.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;Sheer curtain on a large window.&quot;>

Family rooms and living rooms almost always require a good amount of privacy. Take into consideration the number of windows that need to be dressed up by your chosen window treatments

Natural light brightens a room during the day so you can set up a sheer curtain to allow the light into the room. Choose the curtain thickness, find one that allows the light to pass. If a semi-sheer still doesn’t work for you, then choose from the wide array of ultra-sheer ones.


A bedroom that is situated on the ground floor requires less privacy than the ones upstairs. Both types of bedroom require natural lighting, though. What you need to cover these rooms are draperies.

A drapery, according to Wikipedia, is that general term used to refer to textiles or cloths that are used for decorative purposes such as around windows. It comes from the Old French word draperie and the Late Latin term drappus.

It is different from a curtain because it can block out more light and usually has thicker materials.

‘Want some light again? Then just have the draperies drawn and – voila – you can enjoy the sunshine once more.

Use a track for floor-to-ceiling draperies or find a rod that suits the style of your bedroom.

Cellular vs Pleated Shades

A lot of bathrooms, especially the ones on the first floor, require utmost privacy. A cellular shade is a kind of shade that allows anyone to walk around unseen while still allowing a lot of light in. This kind of window treatment is manufactured with a honeycomb design so that heat stays in while the cold stays out.

Its difference from the pleated variety is that it comes with two or more layers while the pleated shade (also known as pleated blinds) has one layer of material. Pleated shades also do not have slats, just a single continuous fabric layer.

Roller Shades

This kind of shade can give you the needed privacy from closely-situated neighbors. It is an easy-to-install type of window treatment that comes with perforations so that light is allowed to filter through.

Roller shades can also be hardwired so you can manipulate it using a remote control. This is most useful in hard to reach areas such as when you are in the tub.


Shutters are what you would want if you require a complete light block out. This is one of the elegant window treatments that blend seamlessly with the creative atmosphere that you are setting up.

Have it installed with solid center panels so you can block out light. These will come in handy when your guests require total relaxation even after the sun comes up.

<img src=”stainedglass.jpg” alt=”Stained glass windows breathe life to typically bland window.”>

Stained Glass

You probably admire the beauty of public buildings or churches with stained glass windows. Spinning windows or flying with the films is an inexpensive method that can provide and etched, frost,  or stained look.

Having a lot of windows around the front door can be an aesthetic blessing especially when you decide to install stained glass instead. This kind of window treatment will instantly become a focal point while keeping your home free from the prying eyes of passersby.

Designer Window Fashions

Hanging curtains may not be your priority when you move into a new apartment but all designers understand that setting up drapes or curtains naturally adds warmth and color to an otherwise empty space. With the right material, you can even create a show-stopping focal point. 

Here are some tips on how you set up designer approved window treatments --

<img src=curtainmeasurementinfographic.png&quot; alt=&quot;curtain measurement infographic.&quot;>

Layer the Window Treatments

Use at least two pretty roman shades, wood blinds, or plantation shutters and remember that the more window treatments you install, the better the insulation.  

Never Overdo It  

Keep in mind that too much of anything is always a bad thing and this is also true with window treatments. Remember that the less light that passes through, the more compact the space will look.  

Hang Curtains All the Way Down to the Floor

It's a common mistake among newbie decorators that store-bought curtains will hang well only to realize when they get to their homes that it looks off.

Remember that measuring the wall size, the window size, as well as that stretch from the ceiling down to the floor, is important in setting up a tailored look for your room.

Hey, it's summer so choose to install wide slat shutters for blinds remember that a beautiful window treatment will become one with your home's architecture so choose wisely.

Use a variety of window treatments in every room tell a story and represent this with each unique piece that you install. And since it’s summer, you can also decide on the theme for your window treatments Sacramento style. Our leading designers are on standby should you need help in stylizing your windows. Easily set up an appointment through our Designer on Demand feature.

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Melissa Webb

Melissa brings over 22 years of experience in the Interior Design field, 10 years of which she was a senior designer at Ethan Allen. Melissa has been featured in both Home Magazine and The Sacramento Bee for her residential designs.

Sue Van Den Broeke

Sue brings over 13 years experience in the furniture/design field, including thorough knowledge of Hunter Douglas products and beautiful custom window treatments. In addition, using her art background (i.e., drawing, oil painting, etc), Sue has the ability to bring a balance of colors and textures to their rooms/projects.

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