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As the leaders in Sacramento fine furniture, McCreery's has everything you need to transform your house into a home. An exquisitely-beautiful yet functional dining set is a key element to any home. Family and friendship often revolve around food, and having a warm, inviting place to gather is important. That's why we carry a broad range of dining furniture for every style and budget. We are pleased to offer high-quality items from the major players in the quality-furniture industry -- Century, Hooker, Bernhardt, Canadel, A.R.T., Flexsteel, and more.

So whether you're in need of the perfect table for your breakfast nook where you can savor your morning coffee or you're ready to splurge on an entire dining room set that will be perfect for the holidays, bringing your entire family together under one roof where you can eat, laugh, and create memories that will last a lifetime, we have the beautiful, functional furniture that will be perfectly suited to you and your home. Begin exploring your perfect dining room now.

Bench 8901
Starting at 296.65 296.65000000000003 USD
Dining Table 4220
Starting at 1,019.15 1019.15 USD
Dining Table 4242
Starting at 925.65 925.65 USD
Dining Chair 5139
Starting at 458.15 458.15000000000003 USD
Counter Table 4242
Starting at 1,325.15 1325.15 USD
Dining Chair 9046
Starting at 339.15 339.15000000000003 USD
Dining Chair 9223
Starting at 297.50 297.5 USD
Dining Table 5454
Starting at 1,852.15 1852.15 USD
Dining Chair 5140
Starting at 416.50 416.5 USD
Buffet 4832
Starting at 1,469.65 1469.65 USD
Dining Chair 0232
Starting at 467.50 467.5 USD
Wood Top Table 4892
Starting at 3,450.15 3450.15 USD
Dining Table 4848
Starting at 1,679.60 1679.6000000000001 USD
Dining Chair 5149
Starting at 399.50 399.5 USD
Bench 8902
Starting at 329.80 329.8 USD
Counter Stool 9007
Starting at 297.50 297.5 USD
Dining Table 4262
Starting at 1,359.15 1359.15 USD
Counter Stool 9008
Starting at 301.75 301.75 USD
Dining Table 5454
Starting at 1,115.20 1115.2 USD
Dining Chair 318
Starting at 646.00 646.0 USD