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Much like the kitchen, the living room is the heart of the house. Accordingly, it is a place to gather, to relax, to laugh and play and to spend time with those whom we love and cherish most, or to simply sit quietly. The furniture you select should be appropriate for the activity while still being a reflection of your taste, your style, your home, your values, and your life.

McCreery's Home Furnishings is pleased to offer fine living room furniture by many of the best manufacturers, including Century, Hooker, Bradington-Young, Huntington House, Flexsteel, and more. We can help you find exactly what you need to enjoy years of comfort and happiness in your living room, surrounded by the ones you love. Need a massive sectional to fill your great room? We offer sectional sofas in a vast array of dimensions, shapes, and styles. You'll feel like you're nestled in the clouds while you enjoy a good movie (or a much-needed nap!). Or perhaps you prefer a reclining sofa bedecked in exquisitely-soft leather. We can help you find one of those as well. Or we can help you custom order your sofa in virtually any shape, fabric, or leather combination you can imagine, by taking advantage of our complimentary Designer on Demand service. Many of our reclining sofas and chairs feature full-power electric recline options with built-in USB charging ports, perfect for hours of enjoyment with your smart device.

Begin exploring your dream living room today.

2053 Sectional
Starting at 7,912.10 7912.1 USD
2062-70 Sofa
Starting at 3,649.80 3649.8 USD
2500 Tux Ottoman
Starting at 1,213.10 1213.1000000000001 USD
8110-PRC Recliner
Starting at 3,130.40 3130.4 USD
7723-50 Chair
Starting at 1,524.60 1524.6000000000001 USD
3212-56 Swivel Chair
Starting at 1,918.00 1918.0 USD
7270-58 Swivel Glider
Starting at 2,044.70 2044.7 USD
7413-50 Chair
Starting at 2,009.70 2009.7 USD
3366-20 Sofa
Starting at 4,758.60 4758.6 USD
2700 Track Sleeper
Starting at 3,245.90 3245.9 USD
Solutions Sectional 2062
Starting at 6,720.00 6720.0 USD
7240-58 Swivel Glider
Starting at 2,090.90 2090.9 USD
7100 Sectional
Starting at 6,330.10 6330.1 USD
8200-PRS Studio Sofa
Starting at 6,295.10 6295.1 USD
Chair 7473
Starting at 1,281.00 1281.0 USD
8108-PRC Recliner
Starting at 3,488.10 3488.1 USD
2500 Tux Sofa
Starting at 3,150.00 3150.0 USD
2062 Three Piece Sectional
Starting at 8,074.50 8074.5 USD
8201-PRS Sofa
Starting at 6,318.20 6318.2 USD
7115-20 Sofa
Starting at 1,704.50 1704.5 USD