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Buying new furniture for your home is a big deal. A commitment.

Furniture is something we live with, interact with, and use every day for several years. So it should be functional, comfortable, and durable.

New furniture shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. And it shouldn’t begin falling apart a year later.

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Stickley Furniture has been hand-crafting premium hardwood furniture right here in America for over a century. Their reputation for high-quality, hand-made furniture that is also beautiful and comfortable has kept them going strong since 1900. 

At Stickley, they want you to feel that this furniture is hand-made just for you.

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And now, for a limited time, you can enjoy extra savings on Stickley’s famous furniture. 

Quality Craftsmanship

Ship Lap Planking

Over the last 120 years, Stickley Furniture has become famous not only for the quality of the furniture they make but also for its sheer beauty.

Pinned Mortise And Tenon Joinery 


Stickley Furniture began nearly a century ago when two brothers, Gustav and Leopold Stickley, started their own company, hand-crafting fine Arts-and-Crafts-style furniture. People recognized the quality and detail and beauty of their work and they immediately fell in love with it. The company motto for a hundred years has been that every piece is made with honor, integrity, and pride.

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According to, by 2019, the global market for furniture and floor coverings was forecast to reach $695 billion. 

As median American household incomes continue to rise, mortgage applications go up, and new-home starts increase, sales of fine furniture also increase as people purchase the furniture required by their new home. 


1. The rise of telecommuting is driving the demand for home office furniture.

2. Multi-functional, versatile furniture is gaining popularity.

3. The demand for luxury furniture is increasing.

We’re pleased to offer huge discounts on all of our Stickley Furniture, a McCreery’s Home Furnishings Exclusive, now through October 19, 2020.


Don’t want to spend hours driving all over town or getting lost in cyberspace?

No problem! Take a virtual tour of our showroom and shop the beautiful Stickley products that we have for you from the comfort of your own home. 

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But please note, when the sale ends, these incredible discounts won’t be available again until next year. 

Come to McCreery’s Home Furnishings and see our brand new line of Stickley furniture. See for yourself what is available in durable, high-quality, hand-made artisanal furniture that is as much a work of art as it is a piece of furniture.

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Discover for yourself the comfort of a sofa with an eight-way hand-tied frame reinforced with Pirelli webbing. Touch the cool, top-grain leather. If you prefer a durable fabric such as Sunbrella or Krypton, we have samples of those as well.  

And we can help you custom-order Stickley furniture so it is a perfect fit for your home and your family.

If you love Stickley Furniture, please come see us.

Your one-of-a-kind Stickley furniture will be the perfect addition to your home at a price you’ll also love…

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… NOW THROUGH 10/19.

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